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11 Plus Tutors

With guidance and support from our expert 11+ tutors, your child will gain the skills and confidence they need to shine on assessment day.

At Mentor, we have a wealth of knowledge in how best to prepare your child for their 11+ exam. Our approach inspires confidence and encourages children to discover a natural love of learning. The Mentor team of 11+ tutors have experience with gaining entrance into some of London’s most competitive independent schools.

We recommend starting with an Academic Assessment that covers the same areas as the 11+ exam. Afterwards, you receive a detailed report providing insights on your child’s current and potential levels of attainment. We also arrange a follow-up call with an experienced teacher to discuss the results.

From there, we will create a plan to build on your child’s strengths and address any gaps. We then work closely with you to understand your child’s needs so we can find the best 11+ tutor to suit you.

Our 11+ Tutors

Our specialist team of 11+ tutors have up to the minute insight into the admissions process at various independent schools. Many are senior teachers and heads of department from some of London’s leading schools. They have personal experience of the demands of the latest 11+ exams, which now emphasise lateral thinking and problem-solving skills.

The engaging tuition sessions are designed to instil a sense of self-confidence in your child. We equip them with the knowledge and level of focus they need to prepare them for their 11+ entrance exam and interview.

All our tutors come with invaluable experience in 11+ entrance, are reference checked and have up-to-date DBS certificates. Also, wherever possible we will match you with a tutor who has taught at the school that your child is applying to.

11+ Test Papers

Get ahead of the game with our bespoke range of 11+ exam papers. Created in line with the requirements of independent schools, they are written by experienced educational authors. Developed with feedback from schools, teachers and children, our test papers cover three levels – Starter, Intermediate and Difficult.

Our 11+ test papers are available to purchase in pdf format from our website. Get yours today.

11+ Courses & Mock Exams

children studying for the 11+ exam

We also run intensive courses and 11+ mock exam sessions to help your child shine on exam day. Designed to encourage your child to develop a healthy work ethic, we boost their ability to solve problems confidently and quickly. Our courses help your child to gain a solid understanding of the more challenging aspects of the 11+ syllabus and exam technique.

Developed by leading 11+ academics and delivered by experienced independent school teachers, all of our 11+ courses can also take place online. See more information on our upcoming 11+ course dates.

11+ Interview Workshops

The 11+ interview can be an intimidating prospect for children. As schools are now placing more importance on how well children communicate, the interview stage of 11+ entrance has become even more crucial. Your child will need to demonstrate intelligent reasoning and show evidence of an inquiring mind.

It’s important for your child to prepare for their 11+ entrance interview, but not to appear as if they are repeating memorised answers. Our 11+ tutors will help your child present themselves naturally and confidently at interview.

We have also developed a one-day course on interview practice. This can help boost your child’s confidence and improve their communication, lateral thinking and visual analysis skills. Find out more about interview practice.

Contact us for expert advice about 11+ tuitionAcademic Assessments and the next steps for your child.

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