Academic Assessments Identify your child’s potential

Planning for the future

It can be difficult to know your child’s true potential and to identify the right path for them. Our online Academic Assessments will help put you on the right track, be it 7+, 11+, GCSEs, A level or IB.

Mentor Education is one of a few education consultancies licenced to offer assessments by CEM (created in partnership with Cambridge University), whose tests are used by top schools in the UK and abroad (known as InCAS and Alis tests). It allows scoring against peers in the UK, as well as international students on the British curriculum.

The Assessment offered will vary depending on each student’s specific circumstances, age and future goals. All our assessments benefit from:

  • Digital – can be done remotely at home or in a classroom setting, via an internet browser, no software required.
  • Adaptive Difficulty – the difficulty of questions changes during the test based on student performance, better accuracy of results and positive student engagement.
  • Diagnostic – there is no pass or fail, no impetus to cheat as cheating simply undermines the diagnostic quality of the assessment.
  • Access to the largest student data – enabling more meaningful results

To request a Guide to Academic Assessments or an example of Academic Assessment Report by Mentor Education, please get in touch.

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