How to get into Alleyn's Senior School Admissions Guide

11+ and 16+ Admissions Alleyn's School

Are you looking into Alleyn’s Senior School for the next step in your child’s education? Find out everything you need to know about the admissions process, and how to help your child succeed.

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The admissions process for Alleyn’s School

Registration opens on 1st September the year before admission and typically closes towards the end of November. Registration for September 2022 entry will open in September 2021. The school requires you to complete a form detailing basic information about your child and yourself, any current connection with Alleyn’s (eg. a sibling that is already in attendance) and any scholarship or bursaries that you are applying for. The registration fee is £150, which you’ll need to pay when you submit your form.

Once you submit your registration, Alleyn’s will request a report from your child’s current school and any letters from an educational psychologist if applicable.

At 11+, Alleyn’s admit about 150 children into their Senior School – a third of these admissions will be children already attending the Alleyn’s Junior School, with the remainder made up of children from a variety of state and independent schools.

In the Alleyn’s Upper School, they admit a small number of pupils into their Sixth Form – there will be a great deal more applicants than existing places, making the entrance exam crucial to your child’s success. The majority of pupils admitted to the Alleyn’s Sixth Form do come from their Senior School.

One of our many experts in the 11+ and 16+ exams can help guide you through the process and ease any worries that you or your child may have.

Front of Alleyn's school

11+ admissions

Due to the current guidelines around Covid-19, Alleyn’s have set the ISEB Pre Test for their 2021 Senior School admissions, rather than the usual 11+ exams in order to avoid large groups of children attending the school for their entrance exams. These tests take place online and have been brought forward to November/December 2020 rather than January 2021.

Taking about two and a half hours to complete, the ISEB Pre Test covers the following topics:

  • Verbal reasoning: covering areas such as common words, antonyms, word combinations and letter transfer.
  • Non-verbal reasoning: this topic tests areas including shape analogies and horizontal codes.
  • English: reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation and sentence completion.
  • Mathematics: content for this is in line with the National Curriculum topics taught up to the end of Year 5.

This new test for the Alleyn’s 11+ entrance exam may sound daunting; however, Mentor has years of experience in preparing children for the ISEB which has been used by UK boarding schools for many years. It is very different from the long form written exams Alleyn’s usually set and it is very much worth tailoring your efforts towards this specific exam. For example, there is no creative writing element to the exam and all answers are multiple choice. Timing is even more important than usual in an ISEB test and students should work towards a pace which is broadly consistent with picking up 1 mark per minute. This is difficult for any ten year old and requires lots of practice. Exam technique is also particularly important with an ISEB test as unlike with a written exam, the pupil cannot go back at the end to tackle questions they found hard.  They will also have to practice guessing multiple choice answers, whilst eliminating as many wrong answers as possible. 

Tailored tutoring could be the key to helping your child to stand out – from academic support to exam technique, our tutors can work with your child to provide them with the knowledge and self-confidence to tackle the online test. Find out more about how Mentor can help your child prepare for the Pre Test.

11+ interview

Children who score highly enough on their ISEB Pre Test will be invited for an interview day at Alleyn’s, due to be held this year on 20th January 2021.  Each child typically has a group assessment followed by an individual interview.

The Alleyn’s interview is a very important part of the selection process and not just a box ticking exercise. Academic ability is a given but personality and a ‘have a go’ attitude is key.  

An example of a recent group assessment would be three candidates with one Alleyn’s teacher planning a survival trip with a group discussion about what to take in terms of resources and what to leave behind.  There are no right or wrong answers, and all resources could be argued for example, bottled water, sun cream, fishing rod but the group must collectively pick three items out of a larger group of items. Important considerations for your child to think about include the ability to work well as part of a team, listen to other children, listen to instructions carefully and be able to argue logically for their own choices.

Following the group session, candidates have an individual interview with a member of staff. Alleyn’s is known for its challenging interviews, which test critical thinking skills and are difficult to prepare for. Notorious questions have included:

  • Would you rather come to school on an elephant or a giraffe and why?
  • Explain yellow to a blind person?

Children will really benefit from having tackled this sort of question beforehand, so they are not thrown on the day. It is important for candidates to grasp that there is no right or wrong answer to these sorts of questions and interviewers are just trying to see how they think and if they can articulate their ideas well.  Candidates are also often shown a mysterious object and asked to work out what it might be. 

From experience, we believe it is clear that Alleyn’s don’t just interview for very bright children, but also ‘normal’ kids who are happy and friendly and behave in an age appropriate way. The teachers pick children they would like to teach.

Preparing your child for this sort of interview can feel like something of a minefield – you want them to have done enough work to feel ready for it, but not so much that their responses appear rehearsed. The thought of an interview can also be quite daunting for some children who find it harder to express their views, which is why confidence is key!

Every year Mentor run individual and group sessions to build confidence. Focusing on interview prep and what to expect, we encourage children to develop answers and present their best self by instilling that sense of self-assurance and confidence.

16+ admissions

Students wishing to study for their A levels at Alleyn’s will have to sit three papers:

  • Qualitative Reasoning: testing mathematical skills, this non-calculator paper consists of multiple choice questions that range in difficulty, but should be accessible for students studying Maths at GCSE.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: this paper tests skills in analysing written information and data such as graphs or tables, with multiple choice questions.
  • Critical Thinking: students will write a short essay on a general question, with details given on how to structure their answer.
help your child get into alleyn's at 16+

Although your child will have to perform well in all three of these papers, Alleyn’s will primarily assess scores in the two papers that are most relevant to the A level subjects that they have chosen to study. Work out the strengths of your child’s knowledge and identify any gaps they may have with help from one of our experts in Alleyn’s 16+ entrance. Our tutors can create a tailored study plan and practice papers suited to your child’s level and existing skills.

16+ interview

If your child performs well enough at their 16+ entrance exam, they will be invited for interviews, due to be This will involve:

  • An interview with teachers from the Upper School to discuss your child’s subject choices and why they want to attend Alleyn’s
  • Three separate interviews in your child’s three A level subject choices. The interviewer will focus on why your child wants to study that subject and ask them questions to assess their potential to achieve in that subject.

The Mentor team can help advise you about many routes from reading lists to puzzle games to top revision tips, and we have also produced a White Paper which helps to illustrate the many ways you can help your child succeed. 

Meet our tutors for Alleyn’s School

If you’d like an experienced third party to help you stay on track with your preparation, see below our range of specialist 11+ and 16+ tutors with significant Alleyn’s entrance experience. 

With more than 40 years of experience in tutoring children to gain admission to some of London’s most competitive independent schools, we at Mentor have a wealth of knowledge on how best to prepare your child for Alleyn’s entry at 11+ or 16+. 

Over 80% of our tutors are qualified teachers, so they have an in-depth knowledge of their subject, the syllabus and the most effective teaching methods. Many have been heads of department, head teachers or examiners and all come with a wealth of experience and a great track record of success. All have been reference checked and have up-to-date DBS certificates. Wherever possible we will match your child with a tutor who has a track record at Alleyn’s themselves.

For some information on our tutors’ unique approach to testing children in preparation for exams, contact our team.

Audrey S

Audrey is a fantastic English teacher with a BA Hons (2:1) in English and Drama from the University of Warwick, alongside a post graduate diploma from the London Theatre school. She has amassed over 25 years' experience teaching and is a particularly successful school entrance specialist. Audrey's pupils have been awarded academic scholarships for Dulwich College, James Allen's Girls' School, St. Dunstan's College, Eltham College and Alleyn's School, Lady Eleanor Holles School as well as City of London School for Girls and Emanuel School. Audrey is also a sucessful actor.

Audrey loves tutoring and has a very intuitive and holistic approach to all her pupils. Excellent references from our parents and Audrey is continuously rated as a 5 star tutor by the families we work with. She remains one of our most popular and sought after tutors.

More about Audrey

25+ years teaching, 7+ and 11+ School Admission Specialist.
London, United Kingdom
BA (Hons) English and Drama, University of Warwick.

Aoife B

Aoife is a fully qualified Primary School teacher with a PGCE and a BA (Hons) in English and Theatre Studies and Masters in Actor Performer Training at Rosebruford College . Aoife has 6 years' primary classroom experience across Key Stage 1 and Key 2 and is particularly well versed in KS2 SATs assessments.

During her time as a Year 3 class teacher, Aoife taught Mathematics using the Inspire Maths (Singapore) scheme. This is particularly useful for developing techniques around Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning and therefore in improving 11+ exam success.

Aoife has a track record of improving academic attainment, but also building children's self-esteem and confidence, which she views as a vital part of the learning process. She is a dedicated professional who works extremely hard to ensure that all her pupils made the best possible progress. Her outstanding practice is rooted in creativity and innovation. Many excellent testimonials from our parents.

More about Aoife

6 years' primary classroom experience in London, 11+ specialist.
London, United Kingdom
PGCE Primary Education, BA (Hons) English and Theatre.

Kiyam L

Kiyam graduated from Imperial College in 2017 with First Class Honours and an MSC in Physics and Theoretical Physics. He now works as a professional tutor for all Science subjects and Mathematics up to A Level, helping his tutees achieve great results. Alongside this he has been working at Up Learn, an EdTech startup helping to create educational resources utilising the latest in cognitive research around student behaviours.

Kiyam has helped many of our tutees gain significant grade uplifts in their GCSE's and A Level's relative to their predicted grades. Many of these teens started off demotivated and lacking in confidence but over time grow to enjoy their Science or Maths again and approach exam season confidently. Kiyam also has a great deal of experience coaching students with special educational needs, such as dyspraxia, dyscalculia and attention disorders. In the first instance, Kiyam tries to bring his students' confidence levels up by exploring the chosen subject from familiar and comfortable knowledge domains. He finds that this process helps the students reconnect and enjoy the process of learning again. From there, Kiyam typically employs a variety of pedagogic styles depending on the learning style of each individual pupil.

Kiyam has recently started a PhD in Cosmology at UCL, and is therefore committed to his tuition for the next few years while he continues to study. In his spare time Kiyam enjoys music and he has been principal violinist at the NYO for several years.

More about Kiyam

Extensive experience of STEM A Levels tutoring.
London, United Kingdom
BSc and MSc First Class Honors in Physics and Theoretical Physics. PhD student at UCL.

Camilla W

Camilla is a bright, creative English Literature graduate (First Class Hons) from Newcastle University, with bags of experience tutoring pupils up to English A level. Having just completed an MA in Prose Fiction, she is looking to take on more tutor assignments as she loves sharing her love of English Literature with children. Whilst not a qualified teacher, Camilla has significant teaching experience, teaching creative writing as part of her Masters programme at East Anglia University. She is an exceptional choice for pupils in need of tutoring for English GCSE and A Level, all syllabuses, as she naturally inspires students to be creative and critical in their approach to language and literature. Camilla comes highly recommended by our parents and is one of our most popular tutors.

More about Camilla

First Class graduate with lots of University teaching experience.
London, United Kingdom
BA (Hons) 1st Class, English Literature, Newcastle University, MA Prose Fiction, East Anglia University.

Karen S

Karen is a fully qualified secondary English teacher with a BA in English (2.1) and a MA in Poetry (2.1). She has trained in Educational Leadership with Teach First and the University of Warwick, and also holds a PGCE from the University of Nottingham. This year, Karen is completing her PhD in English at Royal Holloway University of London. Karen has ten years of teaching experience in secondary education, including a role as Deputy Head of English at St Charles Sixth Form College in London. She has taught GCSE and A-Level English Language and Literature, functional skills English, undergraduate level English, Creative Writing and Art across all exam boards. She specialises is helping students stuck at levels 4 and 5 at GCSE and grades C and B at A-Level. Karen also has expertise helping students to achieve top grades 8 and 9 at GCSE and A and A* at A Level. Karen has now completed over 800 hours of private tutoring, including helping students to pass common entrance exams for top private schools such as St Paul's.

Karen aims to inspire and motivate her students, instilling in them a joy for the Arts and its connection to the world. She takes a holistic approach to teaching, looking closely at the individual needs of her students and personalising her teaching to suit them. She works hard to minimise barriers to learning by differentiating her work programmes. Her lessons are interactive and engaging, drawing upon real-life scenarios and inspiration from film and music. She pitches tasks to suit all levels and provide much stretch and challenge to ensure that her students reach and exceed their full potential. In her role as Deputy Head of English she oversaw curriculum design, exam preparation, coursework marking and exam moderation for her school.

More about Karen

10 years+ teaching Secondary English. Deputy Head of English at Sixth Form College. 800+ hours tutoring.
London, United Kingdom
BA Hons English Literature 2:1 University of London. MA Poetic Practice 2:1 University of London. PHD Practice Based English, University of London (ongoing). PGCE University of Nottingham. PGDE Education Leadership (Teach First) University of Warwick.

Jamil J

Jamil is a highly committed and experienced tutor with a BA (Hons) in Law and German Language and Literature, and previous classroom teaching experience in primary and secondary schools in Japan. He has been tutoring since 2012 and has a proven track record of working with primary and secondary school students with exceptional results. He has helped several students in recent years successfully enter independent schools preparing them for the many entrance exams 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+ as well helping others succeed in their English, Maths and Science GCSE exams. Jamil is one of our North London School Entrance Exam specialists and he has helped his tutees gain entry to top London independent school such as City of London, Queen’s College, North London Collegiate, St Pauls’, Merchant Taylor’s and Haberdasher Aske’s.

Jamil has also helped several special needs students re-engage with education. He is able to quickly establish rapport with students and work towards achieving progress in the areas they encounter most difficulty. He is sensitive to a range of needs and differentiates accordingly ensuring the learning activities suit the individual student. He believes in empowering students so that they are equipped with a set of tools to use for the rest of their life and to constantly learning himself to become a better tutor. Jamil's interests include psychology, personal development and yoga.

More about Jamil

North London School entrance expert. City of London, Queen’s College, North London Collegiate, St Pauls’, Merchant Taylor’s and Haberdasher Aske’s.
Wembley, United Kingdom
BA (Hons) Law and German Language and Literature 2:1

Robert N

Robert is a highly qualified tutor with a BA in Philosophy and an MA in English & Drama from the University of Sheffield. Robert has been tutoring professionally for over 10 years and is an exceptional primary level tutor. Robert is also an accomplished school admissions specialist who has helped many children gain places to top schools including Eton (King's Scholarship), Westminster, Tonbridge, UCS School, King’s College Wimbledon, St Pauls, Latymer, Mill Hill, Dame Alice Owen's School, Alleyn's, Dulwich College, Highgate, Haberdashers' Aske's, and City of London School.

Robert believes that children learn best when they are happy, engaged and trust their teacher. Robert's tutoring approach therefore focuses on building relationships with his pupils and tailoring his tutoring methods to them as individuals. He aims to spark enthusiasm and encourage independent learning.

Having experienced one-to-one tuition himself, Robert is familiar with the many positives and potential pitfalls tuition can bring. He also has lots of experience with children with special educational needs including dyslexia, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder.

More about Robert

10+ years. 11+ and 13+ Specialist for Eton (King's Scholarship), Westminster, Tonbridge, UCS, King’s, Latymer, Mill Hill, Dame Alice Owens, Alleyns, Dulwich, Highgate, Haberdashers' Aske's, and City.
London, United Kingdom
MA in English & Drama, BA in Philosophy, Sheffield University.

Marta F

Marta is a dynamic and bright Science Tutor with a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Liverpool. As a professional tutor, Marta has over four years' experience teaching Mathematics, Spanish and Chemistry up to degree level. Martha has taught over fifty students for their GCSE and A-level examinations in Chemistry and Maths with the majority of them achieving A or A* grades.

Marta tutored Chemistry undergraduates one to one and in small groups as part of the teaching element of her PhD at Liverpool University Chemistry department. She also tutors Chemistry and Pharmacy degree students in a private capacity usually online. Additionally, Martha worked as a study assistant for disabled students at Liverpool University, helping them with study organisation and academic counselling, making her an empathetic and thoughtful tutor. Furthermore, Marta is a native Spanish speaker and has significant experience teaching Spanish to students of all levels up to A Level. She has tutored students from absolute beginners to fluency.

Marta believes that tutoring is much more than merely teaching a subject. She helps students to develop more effective study skills and to increase their confidence by ensuring there are no knowledge gaps. Marta is very passionate about the subjects she teaches and transfers this enthusiasm to her students with great success.

More about Marta

4+ years of professional tutoring experience
Stockport, United Kingdom
BSc and MSc in Chemistry, University of Barcelona PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of Liverpool

Brett C

Brett is a qualified English Language teacher with a BA Honours in French and Communications and over twenty years' experience teaching both abroad and in London. He has had phenomenal success as a tutor, possessing a wealth of tools and resources to make learning an efficient and enjoyable process. Brett specialises in helping pupils with their selective entrance exams for the 7+, 11+ and 13+ in terms of preparing for their English, Mathematics, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning exams. He has had many successes with helping pupils gain admission into highly selective schools such as Highgate, Merchant Taylor's, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Boys, The Latymer School, City of London School, Channing School, City of London School for Girls, Dulwich College, Forest School.

Brett has taught over 50 pupils for us with great feedback and consistently high success rates at school entrance and public exam results. We consider Brett one of the very best teachers on our books for 7+, 11+ and 13+ admissions.

More about Brett

20+ years North London School entrance expert for 7+, 11+ and 13+
London, United Kingdom
BA (Hons) French and Communications

Gavin F

Gavin holds a first class Honours degree in History from University of London along with a Master of Philosophy in Modern European History from the University of Cambridge. He has amassed over 2000 hours of tutoring experience with considerable success. In addition, Gavin has successfully prepared pupils for entrance exams for the leading private schools in London and the UK across both the 11+ to 13+ admission process. Gavin's tutees have gained successful admission into selective schools such as Alleyn's, JAGS, Trinity School, St Paul's, Royal Russell, Dulwich College, Epsom College, Whitgift, Charter House, Wimbledon High School and Putney High School.

Gavin is an outstanding entrance exam specialist who helps pupils understand the appropriate exam requirements and interview techniques. He plans his lessons meticulously and takes pride in ensuring that his tutees know where they are at in the stage of their academic journey and how they can reach their end goal. In addition to this, Gavin is a proficient English, History and Politics tutor across GCSE and A-Level, where he regularly tutors pupils to obtain A grades by deepening their understanding of texts, along with helping them ensure they can identify, analyse and evaluate knowledge that is used effectively to push through multiple grade boundaries.

More about Gavin

4+ Years 11+ and 13+ School Admission Specialist
London, United Kingdom
BA (Hons) History

Mabel O

Mabel is a fully qualified primary school teacher with a PGCE specialising in Early Years and Key Stage one. She graduated from Queen Mary's, University of London with a First Class degree in English Language and Linguistics and also holds a Masters (Msc) in Primary Education from the University of Greenwich. Mabel has spent several years as a KS1 Class Teacher in London, where she specialises in building confidence and proficiency in literacy and numeracy. Mabel likes to be well prepared and is always updating her teaching tool kit with the latest teaching resources and planning effectively for each lesson.

We find Mabel to be a thoughtful and kind primary school teacher who goes above and beyond to build confidence and get the best out of her pupils. Her teaching approach is very positive, considerate and highly personable. We find her to be very good at building rapport and engagement quickly with children. Mabel has a 100% track record with our parents of five star reviews and comes highly recommended.

More about Mabel

4 years' teaching experience in London primary schools.
London, United Kingdom
PGCE, BA English and Linguistics, Queen Mary's University London MSc Primary Education, University of Greenwich.

Christopher A

Christopher is a dedicated and skilled private tutor with an MA (Hons) in Classics and Modern Languages from the University of Oxford and over 10 years of tutoring experience both in the UK, as well as in Italy, France, Dubai, Ukraine and Sweden. Christopher teaches English, French, Latin and Drama up to A Level & IB, as well as Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry up to GCSE.

Christopher is also an academic scholarship specialist with a particular track record at the Westminster Challenge and the Harrow Scholarship, as well as academic scholarships in general for all Independent school selective entrance. He has taught students at several top Independent schools, including City of London, Westminster, Eton and Harrow. In addition, Christopher has helped students gain Common Entrance to Cheltenham College, Ibstock, Dulwich, and City, among other schools.

Christopher’s main skill as a tutor is to bring out the potential in each individual. Christopher believes tutoring should not only put the student in the best position to succeed in exams, but it is also an opportunity to instil a love of learning, something that is really important to us at Mentor. In his many years of practical experience teaching, he has supported many students improve their grades from Ds to A's, as well as helping them gain more confidence in themselves. Christopher’s recipe for success is to equip the student with complete knowledge of the syllabus and flawless exam technique, as well as boost their creativity, intelligence and self-confidence. Every lesson is a chance for the student to expand their knowledge of the subject and realise just how much they are able to achieve.

More about Christopher

Over 10 years experience teaching Classics and School Entrance Exams. Scholarship specialist for Westminster and Harrow.
London, United Kingdom
MA Hons Oxon, Classics and Modern Languages.

Chloe B

Chloé is a professional tutor with a BA in History of Art from the University of Warwick and a Masters in Building History from University of Cambridge. Chloé has experience supporting pupils from ages 6 to 15 and is well versed in both the Key Stage One and Two syllabuses. Chloé specialises in teaching Maths, English, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Interview Preparation for 7+, 8+, 11+ school entrance exams. In addition, Chloé has experience working as an Extracurricular Leadership Tutor and Mentor for students looking to enter universities in the UK.

Chloé prepares her lessons meticulously and with a great deal of professionalism, honing the students’ exam technique, finding gaps in their knowledge and helping the student find a greater enthusiasm and confidence in their subject. Chloé has an exceptional track record of success with Independent School entrance and in particular, is a 7+ expert, with successes at 7+ including Latymer, Thomas’s Battersea, Newton Prep School and Lady Eleanor Holles School. For 11+ tuition Chloé has supported pupils who have successfully gained a place at St Paul's, Harrodian, Belmont School, Mill Hill School, Queen's College, Kew House School, Maida Vale School and Wellington College. Chloé is familiar with the ISEB exam.

Having worked previously as an Au Pair and in a nursery, Chloé is particularly good at building relationships with younger pupils and understands how the strength of that relationship can determine how eager they are to learn. Chloé's passion for reading and writing allows for a wider knowledge when approaching teaching and she often incorporates her love of dancing and movement to her teaching.

More about Chloe

7+ and 11+ London School entrance specialist.
London, United Kingdom
BA Hons, Warwick University. MSt, University of Cambridge.

Saskia P

Saskia is a fully qualified primary teacher with a PGCE and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Bristol. Over the past five years Saskia has worked in both primary SATs year groups where she spent two years teaching in Year 2 and three years in Year 6. As Head of Year 6, Saskia oversaw the attainment of the year group, who last year continued the trend of achieving significantly higher results than national average in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and mathematics. In her role as class teacher and head of year, Saskia worked hard to ensure that each child in her class and across the year group made progress in their studies and were equipped with the academic and social skills to succeed in the future.

In her role as the school’s Mathematics Lead she was responsible for overseeing the mathematical curriculum, assessment and attainment of the children from Reception to Year 6. The reflective approach to maths significantly contributed to the success in KS2 mathematics exam results, which showed 95% of students working to the expected level or to a greater depth than national standard last year. Saskia's approach to teaching combines a rigorous academic focus based on a knowledge-rich curriculum and excellent subject knowledge, with an emphasis on developing children’s social and emotional skills to develop their confidence and resilience to excel in their studies and enjoy their learning experiences. Saskia understands the demands of the classroom on students, and how important it is for educators to know each child as an individual in order to support their specific needs and develop their unique skills.

Saskia has led training for staff in order to develop their understanding of the principles of working memory and cognitive load in order to help support children’s learning. As a result of her interest in child psychology, she is now embarking on a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice at UCL.

More about Saskia

5+ Years Teaching Experience Maths Specialist
London, United Kingdom
PGCE from the Institute of Education and UCL BSc in Psychology

Natasha N

Natasha is an outstanding, passionate, results driven primary school teacher. She has a QTS, PGCE and a BA in English Literature, and over nine years teaching experience in a London primary school. She has been a successful Key Stage 1 Phase Leader and a Science Subject Leader. Natasha is very experienced with working with younger children to improve their Maths and English. She can swiftly identify any gaps in children’s learning and use creative teaching approaches to overcome any difficulties children may have in order to reach age expectations and beyond.

During Natasha’s time as a Phase Leader, she led various initiatives successfully at her previous school. This includes improving the teaching and learning of phonics and reading for a low attaining and challenging cohort of children. Natasha ensured that there was quality, systematic teaching and learning, which meant that the initial 0% pass mark significantly improved within six months to 79% of children passing the phonics screening. Natasha’s formal lesson observations by Ofsted and the Senior Leadership Team have been graded outstanding.

Furthermore, she has experience working with a wide variety of children; including children who have special education needs such as Dyslexia, Speech and Language delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and Global Delay. In addition, Natasha is qualified to effectively support children who are learning English as an additional language and she is TEFL trained.

More about Natasha

9+ Years
London, United Kingdom
QTS, Primary PGCE BA in English Literature

Sophie D

Sophie is a qualified primary school teacher with over six years' teaching experience. Sophie qualified with a prestigious Teach First PGCE and has taught children between the ages of 5 and 11. She has particular knowledge of Year 6 SATS assessments. Sophie has a real depth of pedagogic experience across the academic range, helping children with English as a second language access the school curriculum as well as preparing programmes to extend gifted and talented children.

Sophie holds a degree in Classics from Warwick University. After university, she travelled abroad and tutored with families in Europe, including Monaco International School.

Sophie has excellent tutoring references and our parents are full of praise for her warmth, confidence boosting skills and academic attainment.

More about Sophie

Over 6 years' experience primary school teaching in London schools.
London, United Kingdom
PGCE, BA Hons Classics.

Margaret I

Margaret is highly qualified professional tutor with over ten years' experience teaching children on a one to one basis. Margaret holds a Master's degree in Pharmacy from The University of Kent and she demonstrates great range and expertise as a tutor, helping children both with selective entrance exams at 7+ and 11+ and she also teaches Maths, English and all the Science subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics, from primary level up to GCSE/ IGCSE, Biology, Chemistry and Maths up to A Levels. Margaret has been rated as a five star tutor by all the families she has worked with, and is consistently one of our most popular tutors.

Margaret holds a formidable track record of her 7+, 11+ and 13+ students gaining entry to top independent schools including: Channing, Eton, The Forest School, Francis Holland, Godolphin and Latymer, Henrietta Barnett, Latymer Upper, Emanuel, Highgate, St Pauls, Westminster, North London Collegiate, Notting Hill and Ealing High School, Queen's College and Wycombe Abbey. Furthermore, A Level students Margaret has taught have gained entry to: Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Imperial and Kings College London. She has also taught pupils online within the USA, Russia and China in helping them prepare for UK assessments.

We find Margaret to be a very methodical and conscientious tutor who is always reliable and friendly. Margaret has held several positions at independent and state schools in London and has also tutored several undergraduates whilst doing her Master's at University. She is very familiar with all the UK examination boards including EDEXCEL /AQA / OCR / CEM / GL.

More about Margaret

10+ years tutoring 7+,11+ and 13+ School Admissions and GCSE/A Level Mathematics and Science
London, United Kingdom
MSc in Pharmacy, University of Kent

Phil H

Phil trained as a primary school teacher through the Teach First Leadership Development Programme for high achieving graduates, and gained his PGCE through the prestigious UCL Institute of Education.

Phil is passionate about making an impact on pupils’ academic progress. He has worked as a Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 teacher for 6 years at Kelvin Grove Primary School in Sydenham, London, where he is now a part-time specialist teacher of SEN and a part time tutor. As a result, he has an in-depth understanding of both the KS1 and KS2 primary curricula. He is a highly skilled primary mathematics teacher, who has been trained in the Maths Mastery style of teaching popular in league topping regions such as Singapore and Shanghai.

Phil has a wealth of experience in private tutoring, having tutored a vast number of pupils over the past 7 years. In particular, he has experience in 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+ and 11+ to many of London’s top independent schools including Alleyns, Dulwich College, Dulwich Prep London, Emanuel, JAGS, St Dunstan's, St Paul's, Thomas’s and Westminster. He is quick at understanding the needs of each pupil and likes to work with parents to create a mid-term plan to ensure sessions are focussed, goal-orientated and relevant to the family’s longer term aims. He understands that each pupil learns in a different way and is adept at tailoring his teaching practice to best suit each individual pupil.

Phil has wide ranging experience of SEN (Special Educational Needs), including dyslexia, dyscalculia, ASD and ADHD. Not only has he taught pupils with these specific needs, but has also undergone extensive training to understand each area of SEN and how to best support pupils with specific needs. In addition, he has supported many pupils with EAL (English as an Additional Language) and, as such, has an array of ideas and resources to support pupils who are new to English.

More about Phil

10+ years
London, United Kingdom
BA French with Linguistics and PGCE

Ben W

Ben is a fully qualified secondary English teacher with PGCE and BA in English Literature, and a wealth of teaching experience. He has been teaching in top UK independent and international schools for 13 continuous years, holding management posts along the way, including Head of English (Uppingham), Deputy Head of English (St Albans and Bablake) and Head of Year (British International School, Ho Chi Min City).

Moreover, Ben has experience teaching virtually all of the exam boards and he specialises in preparing students for their English GCSE/IGCSE, A-level and the IB exams. In addition, Ben's management posts within departments have ensured plenty of experience in marking 11+, 13+ (including Common Entrance) and 16+ exam papers. Ben has a long, proven track record of supporting pupils to very high achievement, including A's, A*'s and Oxbridge success. In his most recent role at Bablake School Ben's IGCSE candidates predominantly achieved 8s and 9s in English Literature and Language, with many of them experiencing significant grade uplift from predicted grades.

Ben is a supportive, encouraging tutor with assured, extensive subject knowledge. The key to Ben's teaching approach is to cultivate enjoyment of the subject, along with the pupil's independent, critical thinking skills, which are vital to assessments and exams. His aim is not only to teach content, but to teach the skills which allow pupils to take ownership of their learning and develop genuine confidence in their English studies.

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13 years' teaching experience and Head of English at Uppingham School.
Nassington, United Kingdom
PGCE, University of Bristol, BA (Hons) English Literature, University of Sheffield.

Nicola R

Nicola is a highly experienced, popular tutor and a qualified teacher with a PGCE (Secondary Maths specialism). Nicola has recently been teaching abroad but prior to this was Head of Mathematics at Hereward House school in Hampstead for twelve years. Her responsibilities at Hereward House included responsibility for 11+ and 13+ entrance exams and taking the scholarship classes for Eton, Highgate, UCS and Westminster, City of London, Mill Hill, Winchester and The King's School, Canterbury. Nicola now teaches the entire 11+ syllabus including English, Mathematics, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, as well as 13+ Common Entrance and GCSE Mathematics. Nicola has also taught at St Paul's School, the William Ellis School and St Michael's Catholic Grammar School in Finchley, teaching mainly GCSE Maths.

Over the years she has developed a systematic and organised approach to entrance exams, with a large degree of success and has received consistently good feedback from Mentor parents and pupils. Nicola is able to successfully adapt her teaching approach to the individual’s most productive way of learning and help pupils successfully gain admission to their target schools.

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20+ years experience tutoring, School entrance and Mathematics Specialist.
London, United Kingdom
BA Hons Philosophy, BSc Hons Mathematics, PGCE (Mathematics specialism).

Anil U

AniI is a professional tutor with a BA in Music from Oxford University and an MA from the Royal Academy of Music in London. He has 10 years of academic tutoring experience in Maths, Science, English, History and Music from Primary through to GCSE including Common Entrance. He has successfully prepared students for 7, 8 10 and 11 plus to most of the top London Independent Schools such as Emanuel, Trinity, Whitgift, Dulwich, Harrodian, Lambrook, St John's, Leatherhead, Ibstock place, Kings Wimbledon and Alleyn's. He helps students across all subjects including English, Mathematics, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning with excellent results.

As a tutor Anil is flexible in his approach towards each student. Depending on their learning style and strengths and weaknesses in each subject area, he employs a variety of methods to facilitate learning, memorisation and critical thinking. He regularly gives students opportunities to summarise what they have learnt and test their understanding and memory, in order to foster deeper learning. AniI believes strongly that a positive, encouraging and supportive tutoring approach is critical to each student's success.

Anil has also worked as a mentor giving career advice to 15-18 year olds as well as providing Oxbridge interview preparation. In addition, Anil has tutored Music A-level, helped with degree-level assignments, and has taught cello and piano for over 10 years, both privately and in schools. Furthermore, AniI has several years of experience in working with autistic and disabled children as a charity worker with Cambridge Joint Play Schemes. Excellent testimonials from parents.

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Extensive 11+ experience: Alleyn's, Emanuel, Trinity, Whitgift, Dulwich College, Harrodian, City of London Girls' School, Putney High School for Girls.
London, United Kingdom
BA Music Oxon, MA Royal Academy of Music.

Thomas L

A graduate in Classics from Oxford University, Thomas has significant tutoring experience in London, bringing a youthful presence and energy to the Mentor team. He is an organised and enthusiastic tutor who understands the importance of building a good rapport with students. Thomas has taught several pupils for 11+ preparation with excellent success and has helped many younger children with Maths and English, due to understanding the appropriate level for 7+ tuition. Thomas aims for academic excellence whilst enthusing pupils in their subject and he has received excellent references and feedback from parents.

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2+ Years
London, United Kingdom
BA (Hons) Classics, University of Oxford

Dinah O

Dinah is an experienced, qualified teacher, teaching in London primary schools for 10 years. Dinah is a specialist in Literacy and English attainment in general. For example, in her last school, as Lead Practitioner in raising writing attainment, Dinah improved results across her whole school, from 43% to 75% in one academic year, boosting children across the entire academic spectrum. In respect of Mathematics, Dinah is well versed in plugging gaps and building confidence in her pupils.

In addition to strong classroom teaching experience, Dinah is also in demand as a private tutor, with many examples of tangible grade uplift and happy parents reporting increased confidence and enjoyment of learning. Dinah has worked with us to support Year 6 children preparing for entrance exams and SAT's as well as supporting pupils taking GCSE English Literature exams.

In terms of 11+ preparation, Dinah has over two years' experience of specific school entrance exams, as well as many years teaching Year 6 children in school. With several successes under her belt, Dinah can teach all the subjects required by 11+, including Mathematics, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning.

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Qualified London Teacher with 10+ years' experience. English specialist and 11+ specialist.
London, United Kingdom
PGCE, BA (Hons) Media and Society.

Melsada P

Melsada is a fully qualified teacher with a PGCE and QTS, a Bachelor's degree in French and over 16 years of versatile teaching experience. Melsada is a creative and forward thinking teacher who has a proven track record of raising attainment levels in numeracy, literacy, drama and science from KS1 through to KS4. She has shown thorughout her career that her innovative approach to teaching gives students not only academic success, but also raises her students’ confidence and self-esteem.

Melsada enjoys teaching a wide range of primary school subjects, inculding English, Maths, Drama, Science, R.E., Philosophy and Art. At GCSE, she specialises in English Literature and Drama and typically helps students advance from level 6 to level 9.

Melsada also has a great deal of experience preparing students for 11+ entrance exams and 98% of her students have been offered a place at their first choice Independent or Grammar school. Her techniques are flexible and personalised to maximise her students’ full potential. She believes in a holistic approach to education that engages her students and develops them into autonomous learners.

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Experienced, qualified teacher with 16+ years' experience.
London, United Kingdom
PGCE, BA Hons Modern Languages, University of London.

Sarah L

Sarah has a First Class Hons Master's degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh and a MFA in Directing & Teaching from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Sarah is a very charismatic and dynamic tutor, and she has a wealth of experience teaching GCSE, A-Level and IB English, as well as working on drama and any other essay-based subjects. She has been tutoring privately for a number of years, finding it both exciting and rewarding to work with pupils on their English skills, sharing her love of literature. She is a dedicated and passionate tutor, and this year her students enjoyed great success with all achieving 8/9 or A/A* grades in their GCSE English Literature and Language papers, surpassing their predicted grades. Sarah has experience of multiple exam boards.

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7+ Years GCSE & A Level English Specialist
London, United Kingdom
MA (Hons) English Literature, University of Edinburgh MFA Directing & Teaching

Flora L

Flora is a bright, dynamic tutor who holds a 1st class BA (Hons) in German and English Literature from the University of Durham and an MA in the History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. She has a wide range of tutoring experience and specialises in preparing children for the 7+, 9+, 10+ & 11+ London school entrance exams. Flora has success in guiding pupils into highly selective schools such as Alleyn's, Dulwich College, Emanuel, Woldingham, Streatham & Clapham Girls' School and Francis Holland, as well as preparing children for their interviews at Dulwich College and Wimbledon High School. She helps pupils across all school entrance subjects including English, Mathematics, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning.

In addition to her school admission experience, Flora also has several years of German tutoring under her belt, having spent her University Erasmus year in Freiburg where she gave lessons to pupils up to 17 years of age in English Language and Mathematics, all conducted in German. With Mentor, she has a track record of success with pupils working towards GCSE German and comes highly recommended as a German tutor.

Flora’s approach is to consider her pupils current attainment and confidence and to map where they need to get to. Flora combines this with a great deal of positive energy and good lesson planning. Feedback from parents suggest that children enjoy their lessons, build confidence and focus on their studies. Flora holds a coverted 100% 5 star reviews from our parents and is one of our most popular tutors. Flora is smiley, warm and friendly in person and builds rapport quickly with her tutees. In her spare time she is an accomplished musician who enjoys playing the piano and cello.

More about Flora

Flora has over 300 hours tutoring under her belt and is a specialist at South London School Entrance exams.
London, United Kingdom
BA (Hons) German and English Literature, MA History of Art.

David N

David is a fully qualified teacher who has taught GCSE and A Level Physics at King's College Wimbledon and is now a professional tutor. David holds a BSc, MSc (Science of Materials) and PhD (Solid State Electrochemistry) from Imperial College, London. He has a strong track record of helping students into Oxford and Cambridge and supervises MSc and PhD students at several London universities. At interview, David came across as an extremely knowledgeable teacher who has a real passion for Physics that translates into a caring, energetic and well thought out teaching approach.

David’s tutees tend to achieve top grades across all syllabuses Edexcel, OCR and AQA. David is a meticulous lesson planner and a tutor who tailors his approach to each pupil so they gain maximum understanding and learning. David is a scholar and very academic and yet is able to explain very complicated topics simply to children. We at Mentor Education find David to be a true professional, academic and lovely man and of course, an excellent Physics teacher.

More about David

Retired GCSE and A Level Physics teacher, King's College Wimbledon.
London, United Kingdom
BSc, MSc and PHD, Imperial College London.

More on Alleyn’s School

A coeducational day school in Dulwich, South London, Alleyn’s recently celebrated 400th anniversary of the founding of the Dulwich Schools, along with Dulwich College and JAGS.

Whilst academic achievement is key for Alleyn’s, the school ethos is very much focused on enabling pupils to become well-rounded individuals through their more nurturing approach, instilling self-confidence, leadership qualities and social skills. They do also have a sibling policy, meaning candidates with siblings already at Alleyn’s will be given priority admission where possible, provided that they perform well enough in the entrance exam and interview (no mean feat!). The school is undoubtedly very tough to get into, especially given their stellar results when it comes to higher education and university admissions. 14% of pupils go on to attend Oxbridge, with 43% of GCSEs achieved at grade 9 and 30% of A Levels at A*. 

Although diversity is generally not well represented in the Independent School sector, Alleyn’s are making genuine efforts to improve this. Gary Savage’s reign saw great changes to the student body which now represents children from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. 10% ten of Senior School pupils receive a reduction in fees – with 70% of these being fully funded. In fact, the Alleyn’s bursary scheme is considered to be one of the most transformative in the country. 

The school has entry points at 4+, 7+, 9+ 11+ and 16+, with over 1,250 pupils aged 4-18, split almost 50/50 between boys and girls. With over 200 weekly clubs and activities, over 26 acres of land and a sports programme of including water polo, cricket and football among many others, extra-curricular life at Alleyn’s is easily as rich as the academic offering. Surprisingly for such a highly academic co-ed school it punches well above its weight in many sporting categories, with many teams competing in (and winning) National and Regional competitions. The past few years has seen great advancements in girls sport in particular, a highlight being a national win (ISFA) for the girl’s u18 football team.  

The incoming head of Alleyn’s, Jane Lunnon, will be starting in January 2021. Voted Tatler’s Best Head of a Public School 2020, Lunnon is nothing short of a Superhead and her fantastic reputation precedes her, with highly regarded tenures as Head at Wimbledon High School and Senior Deputy Head at Wellington College.  Taking over from Gary Savage, who was head at Alleyn’s for ten years, she has described the opportunity as an “enormous privilege” and is sure to bring a dynamic approach to her leadership at the school.

Open Days

Before registering your child for admission, we recommend that you and your child attend a school Open Event. Our tutors note that pupils who have experienced the school themselves come across as better prepared at interview and indeed more settled upon beginning their school career at Alleyn’s. 

See this year’s Virtual Open Day for Alleyn’s Senior School and their Upper School.


£6,950 per term for Years 7-13. Year 7 children have compulsory school lunches (£220 per term) and children in Year 8 and above can buy school lunches for around £3 a day.


Many of our Tutors have had great scholarship success and are experienced with pushing the boundaries of learning for exceptional students. Alleyn’s offer academic scholarships worth up to £5,000 a year based on performance at the entrance exam, as well as scholarships in music, sport and art.

Contact details for Alleyn’s School

Address: Alleyn’s School, Townley Road, London, SE22 8SU

Telephone: 020 8557 1500

Email: [email protected]


Get in touch

We have many experts on entrance to Alleyn’s here at Mentor and are ready to guide you through the new entrance format during Covid-19 measures. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help your child gain admission to Alleyn’s at 11+ and 16+.

Unit 3D Hillgate Place
SW12 9ER

020 8883 2519

[email protected]