Our Services

GCSE Tuition

Our approach to GCSE and iGCSE tuition is very much syllabus specific, with tutors available with experience teaching AQA, Edexcel, OCR and iGCSE exam boards.

Our Experts

All our tutors are experts in their field, with at least an undergraduate degree in the subjects they teach as well as significant teaching experience and proven capability to improve grades. Over 70% are fully qualified teachers currently teaching in London schools. We also have a significant number of Heads of Department, Examiners and senior teaching staff on board.

Our tutors start by assessing children in terms of their current attainment and academic potential and, in conjunction with parents and guardians identify realistic but challenging GCSE goals. Our tutors will then approach the run-up to the exams in a planned, strategic way, helping your child organise themselves and spending the time they have left available in the most impactful way.

Our tutors at GCSE level are subject and often syllabus specific, but they also make huge impacts by coaching and motivating teens, helping them with study skills and deep-diving into exam technique on a one to one basis, working with each teen’s preferred learning style.

Our Help

In addition to the work of your tutor, we at Mentor Education also provide oversight and guidance for the duration of your GCSE tuition, making sure your experience is smooth and seamless. Our most important job happens upfront, handpicking you a tutor that is not only qualified and experienced but specially selected to fit in well with your family and build a good relationship with your teen. We know our GCSE tutors personally and understand their individual strengths and styles.

As tuition progresses, we manage all administration and handle any problem solving, meaning you can engage with your tutor purely as an educator and work with them in a focused way, at this very important time.

Our Full Range of Support

Mentor Education is not just a tuition agency, but rather a full spectrum education consultancy and the benefit of this for our all our GCSE clients is that whatever is happening with your child’s education, we can support you. We will already know you and your child and have detailed notes about their progress, such that if you hit a bump in the road, we are ready with proven solutions. We have Home Educators, Schools’ consultants and SEN consultants and practitioners. We can also offer you Academic Assessments underpinned by Cambridge University, practice papers and workshops.