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GCSE Tuition

Our approach to GCSE and iGCSE tuition is very much syllabus specific, with tutors available with experience teaching AQA, Edexcel, OCR and iGCSE exam boards.

A typical tuition plan for our GCSE students starts with support in areas where they feel they are struggling in a subject, with our teachers gradually building their confidence and understanding their learning style.  As the exams draw closer, we use this knowledge to mentor them with crucial revision and exam techniques so that they show their best on exam day.

When you are considering tutors, don’t forget to consider online options for GCSE lessons.  Today’s teenagers are digital natives and can feel more comfortable on their laptops than having lessons in person.  The pupil can also record their lessons and keep them for future revision and their tutor can help them organise their work using drop box technology or similar.  Feedback from parents indicates this is particularly useful when it comes to final revision for GCSE.

As well as GCSE Tuition, we also offer GCSE Maths and English revision courses, Academic Assessments and Online Exam Coaching.  We can also help with resits and situations where children are having a break from mainstream school.

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