Interview practice Helping children present the best version of themselves

Face-to-face skills

Your child’s ability to perform well during an interview is becoming increasingly important at every age and every stage of their education. Our tutors and courses will help your child present themselves naturally and confidently at interview.

At school, as in life, academic ability alone is not enough. Schools are now placing more and more importance on how well children communicate, demonstrate intelligent reasoning and show evidence of an inquiring mind.

This puts more pressure on the interview process, which can make it an intimidating prospect for your child.

One-day course on interview practice

As a result, we have developed a one-day course on interview practice that will help boost your child’s confidence and improve their communication, lateral thinking and visual analysis skills.

How tutors can help your child express themselves

Our tutors are also highly experienced in encouraging children to explore their thoughts and express themselves. One of the joys of tuition is the space it gives a child to worry less about making mistakes and to focus instead on sharing their point of view. These are all valuable skills that will support your child during the interview process and beyond.

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