Discover what other parents have to say about our tutors

  • Cecile

    “We absolutely loved Cecile. She was fun, competent, helpful and encouraging and we loved having her around. Grace always completed the…

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  • Finn

    “Finn was amazing and a truly inspirational teacher. Milana has got offers from 4 schools including JAGS and and we are all extremely…

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  • Margaret

    “My son thoroughly enjoyed it and I felt his academic attainment definitely improved because of the tuition. Margaret was wonderful and…

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  • Andrew

    “I was happy with every single tutor including Andrew. All of them were professional, on time, well-prepared and the whole experience was…

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  • Shani

    “We were very happy with Shani and her involvement definitely helped to significantly improve Jessie’s academic attainment –…

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  • Audrey

    “Audrey is an amazing teacher and my daughter was always waiting her lessons with excitement and joy. The whole process of education…

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