Working with Organisations The bigger picture

Services for organisations

We offer a variety of services to organisations, including local authorities, relocation agencies and employers. Here’s a taster of how we can help. For more details, please get in touch.

Local authorities

We have worked with a number of local authorities including Barnet, Islington and Kensington & Chelsea. Our services include Virtual School tutoring and providing individual one-to-one tutoring support within schools.

Relocation agencies

Our in-house advisors are experts in the London school system. We are ideally placed to support families who are moving to London by guiding them through the education system, providing advice on choosing London schools and offering tuition support.


Increasingly, companies are offering tuition and educational guidance as part of their employee benefits. The services that we offer to employers include one-to-one home tuition, online tuition, holiday tutors, academic assessments and exam workshops.

Please contact the team to find out how we can help you.