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Pass the 7 Plus exam with our proven programme

Our programme

The 7 plus exam is one of the hardest exams a child will take before their A levels. Tutoring agencies who claim that an hour a week is enough are misleading parents. We have developed a programme that offers a more holistic, thorough and comprehensive approach to 7+ preparation comprising baseline Academic Assessments, 1-2-1 tuition, handwriting and dictation classes, mock exams, group holiday classes and interview practice. We do not run 7+ tuition in the home as we bring in specialist teachers for different aspects of the work and we find that children work better in a school environment. It is vital to build up stamina over time as the exams are at least two hours long and sometimes three hours long. Our classes are run out of schools in Dulwich and in Hampstead.

We strongly recommend that you join our programme through buying our comprehensive package which will give you the right base in terms of tutoring, handwriting and dictation, mock exams and interview practice. You cannot start early enough for these tough exams and you are most likely to pass if you start in Reception but we do take children later.

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Reception Year Packages

This package is termly and includes:

  • 10 one hour 1-2-1 lessons with a 7+ expert tutor (10 per term). The lessons are run out of a school in Dulwich and in Hampstead on Saturday and Sunday mornings (you choose which day/venue/timeslot suits you). See available time slots here.
  • £1200 per term.
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Year One Package

This package is termly and includes:

  • 10 ninety minute 1-2-1 lessons with 7+ expert tutors (10 per term). The lessons are run out of a school in Dulwich and in Hampstead on Saturday and Sunday mornings (you choose which day/venue/timeslot suits you). You can see available time slots through the booking process.
  • Half an hour of handwriting and dictation classes (10 per term). These take place within your child’s 7+ lessons. They are crucial to developing the handwriting and grammar skills needed to pass the 7+.
  • £2,000 per term
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Year Two Package

This package is for the Autumn term only as the exams take place during and at the end of the Autumn term of Year two.

  • Ten two hour individual sessions with a 7+ expert tutor, blending lessons, mock exams and a practice interview depending on your child’s assessments. While we plan around all the classes being 1-2-1, some of the 7+ assessments involve academic exercises in pairs and so we also run some parts of some of the sessions later in the year in pairs so that the children get practice at this skill.
  • £2,400 per term.
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Term Dates for our 7 Plus Programme

Term 1: 9th September 2023 – 2nd December 2023 (not including weekends of the 14th, 21st and 28th October)

Term 2: 6th January 2024 – 23rd March 2024 (not including weekends of the 10th and 17th February)

Term 3: 27th April 2024 – 13th July 2024 (not including weekends of the 25th May and 1st June)

7 Plus Mock Exams

The 7+ exams are much like formal public exams. It is vital that children practice for these exams. We offer fully invigilated and marked mock exams with the full theater of the 7+. These cost £300 per exam set run out of our Hampstead and Dulwich centres. If you are already part of our full Year 2 7+ programme we will give you mock exams as a part of your package. Otherwise you can buy them separately here. Our dates are:

23rd September: Dulwich

14th October: Hampstead

28th October: Dulwich

4th November: Hampstead

18th November: Dulwich

9th December: Hampstead

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Interview Mastery Course

For our comprehensive, gold standard interview preparation, see further information here

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Can my child pass the 7+? Take a Baseline Academic Assessment

We strongly recommend that if you are considering entering your child for 7+ exams, you check that they are a suitable candidate. This is because you may be wasting your time and money and putting your child through unnecessary stress. Even if they are suitable, it is likely they will be stronger in one academic discipline than another and it is important to know where to target any support efforts. Our Academic Assessment is taken in partnership with Cambridge University Education Research Department (CEM).  The assessment itself is a digital test and gives you a quantitative view of whether your child is a credible candidate for the 7+.

Please book here or call us to discuss further.

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Is the 7 Plus right for my child?

At Mentor we believe the 7+ is the hardest school entrance point and certainly not one to be undertaken without much thought. Unlike the assessments schools set for entry into their Reception year, which are designed to appear as play sessions to the children, the 7+ is a formal set of exams. Many children are simply not emotionally mature enough to face these hurdles at the age of six. Think hard about whether your child is resilient and mature enough to sit for tests of these nature. If you want to go ahead, our programme is the most comprehensive of its kind and we boast excellent results each year.

Our 7+ Track Record

Typically the acceptance rate for most 7+ exams is around 5%. For children who enrol into our full programme, our acceptance rate is 40%.

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