Education Timeline

How old is your child? From pre-nursery through 7+ and 11+ to GCSEs, A Levels and the International Baccalaureate, Mentor has expert tutors and advisors on hand to support your child's success. In this education timeline, see how we can help your child throughout every step of their journey.

Age 0 – 2


Register interest in nurseries.
Register for prep schools by first birthday.

Age 2 – 3 | Nursery

Nursery Start (Autumn)

Ask our Education Consultants for help in selecting and applying for prep schools.

Age 3 – 4

4+ Assessment (Autumn)

While formal tutoring is not ideal at this young age, we can suggest how to help your child prepare for the test at home.

Age 4 – 5 | Reception

School Start (Autumn)

Ask our experts for ideas on how you can help your child achieve a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy.

Age 5 – 6 | Year 1

Considering the 7+

An Academic Assessment with a qualified primary school teacher can shed light on your child’s educational and emotional maturity. If you would like help selecting potential schools, our Education Consultants can signpost good options where your child will thrive.

Age 6 – 7 | Year 2

7+ Entry Tests (Spring)

In preparation for the 7+ test, we can help you support your child’s numeracy and literacy. Mentor Education offers practice papers and we have specialist 7+ tutors who can give your child individual guidance. We can also help ensure your child has good, legible handwriting, which is an advantage in 7+ tests.

Age 7 – 8 | Year 3

8+ Entry Tests (Spring)

If your child is working towards an 8+ exam, we can help with specialist tutors. If not, in the summer term, you might be having an initial conversation with your prep school about senior school options. This is a good time to have a first Academic Assessment to help you draw up a shortlist of schools to visit next year.

Age 8 – 9 | Year 4

Start of Prep School

If your child is working towards a 9+ exam, we can help with specialist tutors. Or this might be a great time to start visiting senior schools. Most have open days in October and May each year. Mentor Education consultants can help you identify schools where your child will thrive.

This is also the year to make sure the fundamentals of numeracy and literacy are in place. Our primary school teachers and tutors can advise you how to reinforce number bonds and times tables, and make a reading habit and an enjoyable part of your child’s daily routine.

Age 9 – 10 | Year 5

10+ Entry Tests (Spring)
Deadlines 11+ and 13+ applications

We can help with specialist tutors and learning resources for the 10+ exam. This is also the year that 11+ preparation begins in earnest. Consider an Academic Assessment to identify any weaknesses in the core subjects of Mathematics and English and to help your child to practise Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. Have a look at our test papers and resources or give us a call.

Age 10 – 11 | Year 6

11+ Assessments for London Day and Boarding schools (Autumn through Spring)
13+ Pre Tests (Autumn through Spring)

We provide a comprehensive service to help your child at this crucial point in their education. We can give you access to the best 11+ and ISEB pre-test tutors who are experts in the most sought-after London schools. They know what examiners are looking for and have extremely successful track records. We can also help with 11+ workshops and courses, interview practice and practice papers.

Age 11 – 12 | Year 7

11+ Entry to schools (Autumn)
13+ Assessments continue

Year 7 and Year 8 are major transition years in a child’s education. We believe in building students’ confidence and self-awareness during these years, to ensure they start senior school in a positive way. We can provide a behavioural profile with a BPS (British Psychological Society) registered assessment, which identifies your child’s strengths and weaknesses and will help them develop personal skills that are vital for success in education and beyond.

Age 12 – 13 | Year 8

13+ Common Entrance exams (largely dropped in 2019)

Many public schools in the UK have now dropped 13+ Common Entrance exams. However, if your child needs help with a 13+ exam, we have specialist tutors available who can help provide support and guidance.

Age 13 – 14 | Year 9

Start of 13+ entry schools

Let us help you and your child select the GCSE options that best suit their skills and aspirations. We can monitor your child’s progress via diagnostic digital assessments, which assess your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses and identify potential problems before they manifest themselves in academic results.

Age 14 – 15 | Year 10

GCSE courses start
Sixth Form registration (Summer)

We provide wide-ranging support for students studying for GCSEs, including expert GCSE tuition, online Academic Assessments and SEN support.

If you’re considering a change of school for Sixth Form, our Education Consultants can advise you on appropriate choices. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of both schools and Higher Education, so are able to help you and your child to make the right choices, whilst also taking future university options into consideration.

Age 15 – 16 | Year 11

Sixth Form assessments (Autumn)
GCSE exams (Summer)

At this stage, we can help support your child in the run-up to their GCSE exams, with GCSE tutors who are specialists in their subject, as well as exam coaching and Learning Style Assessments that will help your child study more effectively.

We also have consultants on hand who can help you make decisions about A Level choices and discuss university options.

Age 16 – 17 | Year 12

Mock exams

If your child is studying for A Levels or the IB (International Baccalaureate), our expert tutors can help them step up to the challenges of their coursework and develop their independent study skills.

Age 17 – 18 | Year 13

US and Oxbridge University deadlines (Autumn)
UCAS deadlines (Spring)
A2 level and IB exams (Summer)

At this vital stage, students often need support to understand their strengths, motivate themselves and focus on the next part of their educational journey. We have expert tutors who are highly experienced in supporting A Level and IB students at this important time. We can help students to discover their strengths, identify gaps in their knowledge and develop effective revision and exam techniques.

Please get in touch with us to find out more.

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