GCSE Tutors

GCSE Tutors

Our team of GCSE tutors includes established teachers with experience in London’s leading schools. Many have been heads of departments and qualified examiners, so they have a unique understanding of what GCSE examiners are looking for. They will help build your child’s confidence in learning and enhance their exam techniques. This will ensure your child reaches their full academic potential.

By working with your child’s preferred learning style, they will use a variety of techniques. To build your child’s understanding of their subject matter. Together, your child and their tutor will explore the syllabus and reach new levels of comprehension and confidence. Our GCSE tutors provide fun, interactive and engaging sessions. By having interesting sessions your child will feel enriched after each of their tutoring sessions.

Male GCSE tutors, teaching an online lesson

GCSE Tutors Motivating GCSE Students

We understand there are many things that affect teenagers whilst studying for their GCSEs. They are expected to make important decisions about their future and are also given more independence with their learning. This can make the GCSE period extremely stressful.

Keeping teenagers motivated can be equally as stressful! We have found that a great and effective way of keeping GCSE students motivated is to have an educator that really understands them. This is where our expert team at Mentor comes in. Our team will make sure that get to know you and your child.

They will really get to know all about their interests, hobbies and academic needs. They will then make sure that they match your child with a tutor that shares those interests and hobbies. Our team will also get to know what kind of teaching your child responds to.

Learning all this important information about your child means they will be matched with the right tutor for them as an individual. Their GCSE tutor will share their interests and hobbies, making them more relatable to your child. Being able to relate to your child as an individual means that their tutor will be able to keep them focused and motivated on the subjects at hand. They will build a trusting relationship with your child and help them to learn their subject content, prepare for exams and help with organisational skills.

Our GCSE tutors have a wealth of experience in teaching at some of London’s top schools. This list includes Alleyn’s, JAGS, St Pauls and Westminster. This insight is paramount to your child’s success.

How we can help

Our advisors can also off support. They are well equipped to give you and your child guidance. They can help advise what subjects to take and what schools may best fit your child for their next step onto A Levels.

We can provide your child with GCSE tutors that can give additional educational support, should they need it. This could be additional support with reading, dyslexia and other SEN needs.

Our Academic Assessments are also a great way to check how your child is performing against their average cohort.

Your child’s GCSE results will determine which A levels they can study. This will ultimately influence where and what they can study at university. Therefore, ensuring they are well studied and well prepared for their GCSE exams is really important.

GCSE students sitting their GCSE exam

How GCSE Tutors can achieve exam success

GCSE tutors are a really great tool to enhance your child’s learning. They are subject specialists who have previously taught their chosen subject for many years. This means they are experts in the field, they have vast amounts of knowledge and understanding of how to pass GCSE exams.

Understanding how to pass exams is just as important as retaining all the subject knowledge. Our GCSE tutors will make sure they practise all the different styles of exam questions on the run up to your child’s exam day.

With almost 40 years of experience in tutoring, we have an excellent track record of success. Our GCSE and IGCSE tutors are experts in their subjects, with up-to-date knowledge of the current syllabus and exams

Whether your child is just starting out studying for their GCSEs, is preparing to sit their mock exams or beginning revision for the real thing, a GCSE tutor can help. Tuition is a proven way to boost grades and to assist your child in dealing with the pressures of studying. The one-to-one attention of an experienced teacher can help children boost their GCSE grades.

Your child will gain new confidence in their abilities, becoming equipped with both the knowledge and level of focus required for their exams.

IGCSE Tuition

Our GCSE tutors are also able to guide your child through their IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams. With in-depth experience alongside up-to-date syllabus knowledge, many have experience of the IGCSEs as students, teachers and examiners themselves. Our IGCSE tutors are available for online tuition or face-to-face sessions in London.

GCSE Tutor Testimonial

“Esther is an exceptional tutor. She worked with my daughter in a very short space of time, to support her in passing her GCSE maths. My daughter was not in school for maths lessons at the time and Esther basically taught the whole curriculum in under four months. Esther was kind and created a strong relationship with my daughter. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

— Parent of a Mentor GCSE tutee

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