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Occasional places / entry points

When you apply for an occasional place or for an entry point that doesn’t involve the usual 7+ or 11+ exam, specific challenges are involved. Mentor tutors have the expertise and experience to help.

Perhaps you’ve just moved and are looking for a school place outside the regular 7+ or 11+ entry points. Or maybe you’ve been waiting for a chance to enrol a child alongside a sibling in a particular school.

When you’re applying for an occasional place or at a different entry point, schools will usually set a bespoke exam. There is often considerable competition for places and you won’t have existing exam papers as a guideline.

This is where the support of a Mentor tutor can be invaluable. We will provide tuition that’s tailored to the age, level and skills of your child and will create appropriate practice papers for them.

Wherever possible, we will match your child with a tutor who has taught at the school where you’re applying.

Please get in touch to find out how we can help with these bespoke entry exams.