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Get your child on track for success with GCSE and IGCSE tuition. Our tutors are experienced teachers who have in-depth knowledge of the current syllabus and will skilfully bring their subject to life for your child.

GCSEs in 2021

Following the education secretary Gavin Williamson’s announcement on 25th February, it has been confirmed that GCSEs will be teacher and school assessed this year.

We’ve explained what the changes to GCSE assessment in 2021 will mean for your child, and how we can help.

Your child’s GCSE results will determine which A levels they can take, so will ultimately influence whether they can study the degree of their choice at their preferred university.

Achieve GCSE exam success

We’re here to help. With almost 40 years of experience in tutoring, we have an excellent track record of success. Our GCSE and IGCSE tutors are experts in their subjects, with up-to-date knowledge of the current syllabus and exams. 

Whether your child is just starting out studying for their GCSEs, is preparing to sit their mock exams or beginning revision for the real thing, a tutor can help. Tuition is a proven way to boost grades and to assist your child in dealing with the pressures of studying. The one-to-one attention of an experienced teacher can help children boost their GCSE grades.

Your child will gain new confidence in their abilities, becoming equipped with both the knowledge and level of focus required for their exams.

IGCSE Tuition

Our tutors are also able to guide your child through their IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams. With in-depth experience alongside up-to-date syllabus knowledge, many have experience of the IGCSEs as students, teachers and examiners themselves. Our IGCSE tutors are available for online tuition or face-to-face sessions in London.

GCSE Testimonial

“Esther is an exceptional tutor. She worked with my daughter in a very short space of time, to support her in passing her GCSE maths. My daughter was not in school for maths lessons at the time and Esther basically taught the whole curriculum in under four months. Esther was kind and created a strong relationship with my daughter. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

— Parent of a Mentor GCSE tutee

Get in touch to find out how we can help your child as they approach their GCSEs.

“Holistic in their approach, as well as ethical say parents and tutors. So if you’re the kind of parent that believes confidence building is a key part of a child’s journey to academic success, and you’re attracted to highly principled companies, then you’ll be right at home with Mentor Education.”

— The Good Schools Guide review