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Online Tutoring

Connect with the best tutors wherever you are in the world with our exceptional online tutoring service. Your child will receive professional tutoring from one of our highly experienced teachers, providing all the benefits of one-to-one tutoring with the added flexibility that online sessions provide.

Today, children are digital natives. Therefore, online learning is instinctive for them. Online tutoring facilitates interactive learning, enabling your child to work together with their tutor on documents in real time. It also creates an excellent revision resource, as your child can record and replay lessons and look through notes saved in online folders.

Parents can enjoy the flexibility of an online tutor, creating a solution for those who may be working from home or who have commitments outside of school hours.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

As more parents and children are finding they require online tutoring, find out more about the benefits of using online tools for learning:

  • Easily accessible one-to-one learning encourages more regular communication between tutors, parents and children. You can get access to the very best tutors is made simpler with more flexible online tutoring.
  • Resources at the touch of a button – files, videos and web pages can be shared easily. Online tools such as interactive whiteboards are updated in real time.
  • Revision made easy – Zoom allows you to record and playback calls. Later on, you or your child can refer back to topics covered in their tutoring sessions.
  • Lessons can take place anytime, anywhere, affording parents and children greater flexibility. It allows children to take their tutoring sessions in an environment that they feel comfortable in. Therefore, sessions are more productive.
  • It may allow children to feel more in control of their learning. Older learners at GCSE and A level may be ready to take more control of their education. Online tuition allows them to organise their learning more independently.
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Our Online Tutors

With our online tutoring service, your child will learn with high-calibre professional teachers who are skilled in delivering engaging lessons online. Many of our tutors are senior teachers and heads of department from some of the leading independent schools in the UK. They all come with an in-depth knowledge of their subject and up-to-date insight into the syllabus and exams. Additionally, all tutors are reference checked and have up-to-date DBS certificates.

From 7+ and 11+ entrance to GCSE and A level tuition, we have qualified and experienced tutors available for online sessions. Get in touch for more information about online tutoring and to request a demo.

Online Tuition testimonial

“Rob took over tutoring our son at the start of lockdown, when we needed to switch from face to face to virtual tutoring. So, he had to quickly build a rapport without ever meeting us or our son. He did this brilliantly and was able to very quickly assess strengths and weaknesses and start lessons that were of value.
Rob has helped with exam preparation for all subjects but has had a particular impact with English. We have seen a dramatic improvement in our son’s comprehension and writing. I think this is because Rob took time to really explain how to get to an answer and illustrated things with interesting and relatable examples that really brought the subject to life.”

– Parent of a Mentor online tutee

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