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If you are embarking on an 11 Plus journey and are looking for a tutor then you want to make sure that you get results. We have helped over 90,000 children over 40 years. We carefully track our 11 plus, GSCE and A-Level results. Of course, we are proud of each and every one of our students. We are not a hothouse.

For children performing at the top end of the academic spectrum, we will work hard to get them into the most demandingly selective schools with academic scholarships. However, we work equally hard to get children who are, perhaps, more all rounded into schools which are right for them. We have a specialism in SEN which sometimes sees us get children into mainstream schools with the right support. However, sometimes success is getting that child into a more specialist school.

In short, one size does not fit all.

Having said that, we know that parents will want to have some idea of results.

Independent School entry (7 Plus and 11 Plus)

This year we saw 100% of our children get their first or second choice school. Around 90% get their first choice school. Approximately 20% got a scholarship offer. Getting to us in Year 5 is key to maximising chances and this needs to be a planned campaign.

We have detailed results for:

Grammar School entry (link to grammar schools)

We normally achieve around 80% obtaining offers from their grammar school. Getting to us in Year 5 is key to maximising chances and this needs to be a planned campaign (link).


We have worked with a range of survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster to improve their life chances. These pupils obviously had the toughest of journeys. We are proud to have been of some support to children from that tragedy as they embarked on their GSCE and A Level journey. Some of our first cohort are now at some of the finest universities in the land and we are currently helping our second cohort.

Support for Primary Schools

We work to support children at local primary schools. Our pro bono work here typically saw pupils go up two learning levels per six hours of tutoring.


We typically see students gain on average two points in their average GSCE scores – so a 6 to an 8 or a 7 to a 9.

A Level

We typically see students gain on average two grades from their predicted grades in their A-Level scores.

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