11 Plus Weekend School

11 Plus Weekend Classes

We believe that preparing your child for their 11 Plus assessments is a journey takes a minimum of twelve months. Our 11 plus weekend classes are available for both children who are in Year 4 and Year 5 and runs for three terms from September – July.

The 11 Plus weekend classes are run from Oakfield Prep School in Dulwich and from Hampstead Parochial in Hampstead, giving students north and south of the river equal opportunities.

The Key information about our 11 Plus Weekend Classes:

Year 4 Weekend Classes:

Days: We run classes on both Saturdays and Sundays

Term: 27th/28th April 2024 – 13th/14th July 2024 (not including weekends of the 25th May and 1stJune)

Time: 9am – 12pm

Price: £1500

Year 5 Weekend Classes:

Days: We run classes on both Saturdays and Sundays

Term: 27th/28th April 2024 – 13th/14th July 2024 (not including weekends of the 25th May and 1st June)

Time: 9am – 12pm

Price: £1500

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Year 6 Weekend Classes:

Days: We run classes on both Saturdays and Sundays

Term: 14th September -7th December (not including weekends of the 19th and 26th October)

Time: 9am – 12pm

Price: £1750

Here is what we believe; that children can and should be supported to run their own best race for the 11 Plus. This is the philosophy upon which our weekend school was created and still runs today. Weekend school supports both Year 4 and Year 5 children ideally for a whole academic year or both years 4 and 5. During that time we focus on three main principles:

  • Ensuring the children have been taught every aspect of the 11 plus curriculum
  • Building up their Maths, English and Reasoning skills and teaching them the best techniques/methods
  • Exam technique, exam practice and most importantly speed!

When your child reaches Year 6, our weekend school classes ramp up, become more bespoke to each child and encompass many more skills. The classes become focused of consolidating your child’s knowledge of the 11 Plus curriculum, exam practise and preparing your child more broadly for their assessments, including the exams themselves, assessment days, invigilated lessons, and individual and group interviews.

We spend 8 weeks of final teaching, during this time your child will focus on the harder elements of the 11 Plus syllabus, exam technique, mark acquisition and working at the necessary speed. The final few weeks lessons no longer continue and we focus on your child’s own individual 11 plus journey. Knowing their targets schools and their progress in the classroom then helps us prepare them for the other crucial stages of the 11 plus.

Your child will receive a practice interview with our Education Director, tailored to your school choices. These sessions are tailored to your child, and you will receive verbal feedback after the session. Your child will also take part in a Group interview, this is becoming a very popular method of interview for schools, and it is important that your child develops and learns the appropriate skills to shine in a group setting. Then finally your child will receive a full set of Mocks, meaning they will receive an English, Maths and Reasoning exam. These mocks will take place on week 5 and helps us to outline the the final few areas we need to focus on during the final weeks of term. This also still gives you an appropriate amount of time to find out the results and spend time at home practising. These mocked are then marks and a written report is sent to you over half term.

These additional services mean that your child gets the best all round preparation before their 11 Plus assessments.

Our bespoke programme

Our 11 plus programme was written by Lauren Spring a previous leading academic at Pembridge Hall, with accountability for 11 Plus results at this highly successful prep school. Lauren oversaw cohorts of children year after year get places at schools where they would thrive academically and also in their co-curricular interests.

Our Weekend School is a bespoke programme with its own curriculum. This spans the traditional teaching of core Maths, English and Reasoning skills, but also encompasses the latest information available on the styles and nature of school entrance testing. For example, we have adapted our curriculum to embrace the adoption of digital testing during the pandemic, particularly the use of the ISEB test.

Who will benefit from our 11 Plus Weekend Classes

Children will benefit from our course if they need a structured build over time towards their 11 plus exams. Children who are not being taught Reasoning in particular (at state primary schools for example) will benefit from structured teaching and weekly practice of Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Some children learn particularly well in the small, social and friendly groups that we put together for the course, many of whom end up good friends and keeping in touch into senior school.  Individual tuition of course has its place and often produces exceptional results, but quite simply, the small group dynamic suits some children better. You will know your own child best.

Children also benefit from having a consistent tutor every week who will get to know them very well and can prepare activities with them in mind. Our tutor will become a familiar presence in their lives, supporting them, encouraging them and challenging them to reach their potential.

11 Plus Weekend Classes group learning English.

When are our 11 Plus Weekend Classes

The 11 Plus Weekend Classes begin in September for students starting in Years 4 and 5. These classes will continue throughout the year and end for the summer holidays in July.

Weekend Classes are taken in person in Dulwich or at Hampstead. Your child can attend classes on a Saturday or Sunday morning, 9.00am-12.00pm. Once you have selected what day works best for you and your child, they will continue attending 11 Plus Weekend Classes on your chosen day. This helps your child build confidence and friendships with their class peers, making it a fun, encouraging and supportive environment.

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11 Plus Weekend Classes Full Term Dates

Term 1: 9th/10 September 2023 – 2nd/3rd December 2023 (not including weekends of the 14th, 21st and 28th October)

Term 2: 6th/7th January 2024 – 23rd/24th March 2024 (not including weekends of the 10th and 17th February)

Term 3: 27th/28th April 2024 – 13th/14th July 2024 (not including weekends of the 25th May and 1st June)

2024/25 Term Dates

Autumn Term:

Start: 14th/15th September 2024 – 7th/8th December 2024 (No sessions 19th/20th and 26th/27th October)

Spring Term:

Start: 11th/12th January 2025 -29th/30th March 2025 (No sessions 15th/16th and 22nd/23rd Feb 2025)

Summer Term:

Start: 26th/27th April 2025 – 12th/13th July 2025 (No sessions 24th/25th May and 31st May/1st June)

11 Plus Weekend Classes – Group sizes

Group sizes are kept small (max 6) to ensure there is plenty of time for your child to ask questions and receive the individual attention and support they need. This will develop their confidence and improve their performance. Working alongside other equally focused children, hoping to attend similar schools will motivate your child and make their 11 plus experience more enjoyable. Working in a small group will also benefit your child academically because of our balanced programme of individual work, discussion, and collaboration. This will ensure they understand how marks are won and lost in 11 plus exams.

11 Plus weekend classes

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