11 Plus Weekend School

11 Plus Weekend Classes

At our 11 plus Weekend Classes, we will manage your child’s 11 plus preparation from start to finish. Meaning you can relax knowing that your child is being taught by our 11 plus experts in a fun and encouraging environment.

Your child’s 11 plus preparation does not need to be stressful for you or for them. Planning ahead and working with Mentor Education, can help avoid any last-minute panic. This is the best way to ensure that your child is ready to face their 11 plus exams, for both independent and grammar schools.  With us, they will develop the knowledge, confidence and skills that are essential for their success and wellbeing.

For three hours each weekend, your child will be part of a small group. They will be working with a tutor who will get to know them very well.  Your child will benefit from carefully prepared activities, that focus on all the 11 plus subjects (English, maths and reasoning). This will provide your child with the support, encouragement and challenge they need to reach their potential. 

When are our 11 Plus Weekend Classes?

These 11 Plus Weekend Classes begin in January 2022 for students starting in Year 5. These classes will continue throughout the year and end in December 2022.

Our 11 Plus Weekend Classes can be taken in person in Clapham South or at South Hampstead High School. Your child can attend classes on a Saturday or Sunday morning, 9.00am-12.00pm. Once you have selected what day works best for you and your child, they will continue attending 11 Plus Weekend Classes on your chosen day. This helps your child build confidence and friendships with their class peers. Making it a fun, encouraging and supportive environment.

We are also offering an online option for Saturday mornings. Our online classes will run for the same amount of time as our in-person classes. They will continue to give your child a great teaching experience alongside the convenience of learning within their own home. As we understand that in-person can not always be possible to fit around a busy weekend schedule. Therefore, our online 11 Plus Weekend Classes are a great way to still cover the entire syllabus and prepare for 11 Plus exams.

11 Plus Weekend Classes – Group sizes

Group sizes are kept small to ensure there is plenty of time for your child to ask questions and receive the individual attention and support they need. This will develop their confidence and improve their performance. Working alongside other equally focused children will motivate your child and make their 11 plus experience more enjoyable. Working in a small group will also benefit your child academically because of our perfectly balanced programme of individual work, discussion, and collaboration. This will ensure they understand how marks are won and lost in 11 plus exams.

Your child’s 11 plus Weekend Classes will run for three 10-week terms, starting in the January of Year 5. The sessions will run from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm. They will cover all aspects of the 11 plus syllabus, revision and exam practice. With English, maths and reasoning being studied every week.

11 Plus Weekend Classes group learning English.

A Break Down of the 11 Plus Weekend Classes

Spring Term

8th/ 9th Jan – 26th/ 27th  March (Half term: 12th – 20th February )

During the first term, the 11 plus Weekend School runs from January through to March. We will accelerate your child’s learning to ensure that all aspects of the 11 plus maths syllabus have been taught. As each topic is covered, your child’s understanding will be thoroughly assessed. English sessions will focus on developing your child’s comprehension and composition skills. 

In comprehension, they will learn about the different types of question. They will learn how these need to be approached in different ways. They will learn how to use quotes effectively and why one answer is worth more marks than another.  In composition sessions, your child will learn about the importance of balancing action and description. They will also develop their understanding of sentence construction, learning the importance of variation and effective ways to achieve this. Focused grammar activities and the up levelling of writing will also help your child develop. These focused activities will help your child gain the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their English exam. Your child will also study the key 11 plus verbal and non-verbal reasoning topics. These sessions will focus on learning how to approach these in the methodical manner that is the key to success.

Summer Term

23rd/24th  April – 9th/10 th  July (Half term: 28th May – 5th June) 

The second term runs from April to July.  Maths sessions will focus on revision and consolidation. Your child will practise a wide range of real-life 11 plus questions, both written and multiple choice.  This will help them to understand how what they have learnt translates into different types of exam papers. Your child will also be encouraged to get their teeth into some challenging scholarship questions. They will learn how to tackle work that looks unfamiliar and that they may at first glance feel is beyond them. 

In English, the children will be introduced to more advanced texts. They will learn how to structure the ‘big’ mark questions using PEE (Point, Evidence, Explanation.)  There will also be sessions focusing on analysing authors’ writing styles and techniques. The sessions will give plenty of practice at answering the challenging questions they may be asked related to this. In composition sessions, there will be a focus on developing your child’s use of a wider range of punctuation, as well as figurative language. They will also learn about what works well as an 11 plus composition – and what doesn’t!  Alongside this, your child’s planning and proofreading skills will be honed.  In reasoning sessions, your child will be introduced to the more challenging 11 plus topics, including spatial reasoning and cubes, complex matrices, and advanced codes and sequences. 

11 Plus weekend classes

Autumn Term

3rd/4th  September – 3rd/4th  December (Half term: 15th – 30th October) 

The third term is focused on ensuring your child perfects their exam technique, so they are exam ready and confident.  They will practise a range of different types of papers relevant to the schools to which they are applying and will learn how to allocate and manage their time in an exam situation, whilst remaining calm and focused throughout. Your child will learn about the classic mistakes that other children make and how to make sure they avoid these! There will be plenty of practice at working under timed conditions, and a focus on ensuring that all practice papers are fully worked through and corrected – so that your child understands where and why they may have lost marks.   

Regular homework activities will be set, and assessments carried out throughout all three terms to closely monitor the progress your child is making. These assessments will enable us to identify your child’s strengths and address any areas of weakness, as well as monitoring how their exam technique is developing. Following each assessment period, individual extension and consolidation activities will be planned for your child as appropriate. All assessment results will be shared with parents, with written feedback provided each half term. 

Our 11 plus Weekend Classes will be your child’s road to success!

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