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7 Plus Holiday Courses

Our 7 Plus Summer Courses are a vital boost to your child’s 7 plus preparation. For children going into Year 2, this is a major chance to give them an intensive boost for their exams which are just around the corner. We will revise the harder 7+ subject areas where they can differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd. Given the difficulty of the assessments, it is vital they don’t slow down and suffer learning loss over the long summer break.

7 Plus Summer Courses

July – Intensive Subject Week

Prepare your child for success with our Intensive Subject Week. Tailored for students facing challenges in specific subjects, each day offers focused instruction led by our team of expert educators. Drawing from diverse backgrounds, including the former Head of Maths at Pembridge Hall and a Doctor of creative writing, our teachers bring unparalleled expertise to guide your child through intensive learning experiences. Delve deep into each of the core concepts crucial to gaining 7 Plus success. We will ensure your child is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed get your child confident and thriving, even in the areas they find the most challenging.

Key Information:

Date: July 29th – August 2nd

Time: 9am – 2pm (Interview Mastery session from 9am-12pm)

Location: Available at Hampstead and Dulwich Locations

Price: £250 per day/ Interview Mastery session at £150

*Note: Special discounts available for members of our weekend school cohort. Contact us directly for details.


South London:

– July 29th: Comprehension

– July 30th: Reasoning

– July 31st: Creative Writing

– August 1st: Maths

– August 2nd: Interview Mastery (9am-12pm)

North London:

– July 29th: Reasoning

– July 30th: Comprehension

– July 31st: Maths

– August 1st: Creative Writing

– August 2nd: Interview Mastery (9am-12pm)

Mentor Education 7 Plus Summer schools

August Week One: 19th August to 23rd August 2024

Maths – 9am to 12pm

We will particularly cover the hard ‘wordy’ maths problems involving several steps.

  • Price: £500
  • Location: Hampstead and Dulwich

Comprehension – 12.30-3pm

We will develop harder skills such as deduction and inference.

  • Price: £500
  • Location: Hampstead and Dulwich

Interview Mastery : 3.30pm – 5pm

Your child can stay until 5pm and play board games with us. We know the children are tired after a long day so we will make sure they relax and have fun with us in this last session. Unbeknown to them they will be practicing crucial 7+ skills, such as collaboration and taking turns in group activities, vital for their 7+ assessment days. We will also be developing their logic and reasoning skills.

  • Price: £250
  • Location: Hampstead and Dulwich

August Week Two: 27th August to 30th August (Four days only due to Bank Holiday)

Creative Writing: 9:00am – 12:00pm

Creative writing is a very important 7 plus skill

  • Price £400
  • Location: Hampstead and Dulwich

Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning: 12:30pm – 3pm

Reasoning is a growing aspect of 7 plus assessments, and one where children particularly benefit from being shown methodologies and having the opportunity to practice.

  • Price £400
  • Location: Hampstead and Dulwich

Interview Mastery 3.30pm to 5pm

  • Price £200
  • Location Hampstead and Dulwich

Our 7 Plus Summer Courses will be running in both our Hampstead and Dulwich venues. For those people wanting to book Hampstead, the location will be the Parochial School by Hampstead Northern Line tube station. Our South London 7 Plus Summer Courses will be taking place at Oakfield Prep School near Dulwich. The morning session will run from 9am – 12pm and afternoon sessions from 12.30 – 3.30pm. Children booked into the whole day can stay with us over lunch and be supervised safely while having a packed lunch.

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