7 Plus Mocks

7 Plus Mock Exams

Even the most prepared child can feel daunted the first time they experience formal exam conditions.

Our 7 Plus Mock Exams aim to familiarise children with the real test environment, helping them stay calm while making speedy and measured decisions, under supervised, timed conditions.

Just as important is the experience of being in an invigilated exam. These are especially important for little children who have never previously been in exam conditions like these. Most children in their first exam ask to go to the toilet and ask the teacher for help when they get stuck on a question. Obviously, such a child needs to experience the rules around a properly invigilated mock exam so they are not thrown during the real thing.

Schools rarely prepare children properly for these exams. State schools do not target these entrance exams. Most prep schools are targeting the 11 plus rather than the 7 plus – as it is not in their financial interests to prepare children to exit early.

We have formal long form paper Mock Exams taken in person at both our Dulwich and Hampstead sites. These exams are fully invigilated, marked and written feedback.

These exams cover English, Maths and Reasoning. The exams take two hours.

These exams are suitable for children taking exams at schools such as Dulwich College, JAGS, Alleyn’s, Highgate, UCS, Channing, NLCS, KCS Wimbledon and the Girls’ Day School Trust schools.

After taking the mock exam you get a full report by one of our expert 7 plus examiners on your child’s performance and a consultation session with our Director of Education (a former Deputy Head of a GDST school) who will give you detailed feedback on the results which will help identify knowledge gaps and signpost the next steps.

Mock Dates 2024:

South London :

  • Sunday 22nd September
  • Wednesday 30th October
  • Saturday 2nd November

North London

  • Saturday 5th October
  • Tuesday 29th October
  • Sunday 3rd November

Mocks fee: A set of exams costs £300, and this includes one English exam (comprehension and creative writing), one Maths exam and one Reasoning exam plus written feedback from an experienced 7+ tutor.

For two sets, purchased together, the price is £600.

For all three sets, purchased together, then the price is £900.

We strongly recommend that you purchase all three as these are very tough exams and children are not well prepared for them at most schools

Spaces are limited to 12 per exam so please book early to secure your place.