Preparing your child for the 4 Plus: Webinar

We have a set of webinars to help our existing parents with their 4 Plus preparation. These webinars cover our 4 Plus Pillars and are run by our 4 Plus Education team. These webinars are open to anyone who has bought one of our main Assessment and Preparation programmes. Each webinar is live and run on Teams and lasts for one hour. There is also time for questions at the end of the session. The webinars are recorded and available for a month for our clients. We run them twice a year covering broadly the same content.

Webinar 1: Maths, Separation Anxiety and Talking to Adults

Dates: Thursday 11am, 21st March
            Tuesday 11am, 24th September

  1. The 4 Plus Pillars
  2. Teaching your child the fundmentals of Mathematics
  3. Handling Separation Anxiety
  4. Giving them their voice: Talking to adults
  5. Q&A

Webinar 2: Literacy, Collaboration & Kindness, and Focus & Listening

Dates: Thursday 11am, 25th April
            Tuesday 11am, 8th October

  1. The 4 Plus Pillars
  2. Building your phonics and literacy skills at home
  3. Developing kind and collaborative children
  4. Increasing focus and listening skills
  5. Q&A

Webinar 3: Perseverance, Critical Thinking and Spatial Reasoning

Dates: Thursday 11am, 18th June
            Tuesday 11am, 22nd October

  1. The 4 Plus Pillars
  2. Raising children who never give up
  3. Developing critical thinking skills
  4. Teaching your child to do jigsaw puzzle and other spatial reasoning games
  5. Q&A