Alleyn's 4 Plus

Alleyns 4+ Entrance

The Alleyn’s 4 plus assessment is a key entry stage for entry into the school. Traditionally, this was a one form entry. However, recently it is expanded to two form entry. The assessments are rigorous and highly competitive. The children, except for exceptional cases, will all progress through to the senior school at the end of Year 6. As such, this is an excellent way to avoid the pressure of the 7+ or the 11+.

There is a sibling policy at Alleyn?s which can make it an attractive option for larger families. However, parents should be aware that it is only loosely applied and there are many examples of siblings who are not successful.

a schoolboy doing a practice paper for his Alleyn's 4 plus

We are experts in the Alleyn?s 4 plus

Our experienced tutors include Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 teachers and former teachers from the JAGS pre-prep, Finton House, DUCKS and Alleyn?s Junior School. In short, we are well versed in the application process for JAGS and the other Dulwich Foundation Schools and these experts have helped us create this programme. Our programme is taught by an experienced tutor with a multi-year track record of getting children into Alleyn?s. Some of our own staff were previously members of staff at Foundation Schools. Others of our own staff who have got several of their children into Alleyn?s ? using the approaches that we are going work with your daughter on.

Our success rate in the Alleyn?s 4+ Assessments

Most years we have between 5-7 children who we have assisted to get into the school. Typically, the acceptance rate for Alleyn?s is around 12%. Our rate is around 60%. We have a rule that we only help a maximum of ten children each year for the Alleyn?s 4+ assessment. If we helped everyone, then practically we would be helping no one.

We also have extensive experience helping children with Alleyn?s 5+ and 6+ assessments which were conducted last year at the school expanded. This well places us to help with occasional places with slightly older children.

Three children reading in for their Alleyn's 4 plus

The Alleyn?s 4 plus Assessment

Firstly, all 4+ assessments are not the same. For example, the Alleyn?s assessment has important differences to the JAGS assessments. Alleyn?s has gross motor skill test which are not a feature of the JAGS test. JAGS places more emphasis on group, classroom style activity. We can help prepare your child for both.

Our Mock Alleyn?s 4+ Assessment

Our approach is to replicate the assessment that Alleyn?s do. This will involve a copy of some of actual activities that Alleyn?s have traditionally conducted. This process takes around 50 minutes.

We will then give you detailed feedback on your child?s performance. We tell you what exercises you should expect and what they are looking for with each exercise. In short, we will give you the inside track on the day. We tell you how your child did and give you some exercises you can do with each exercise to assist her to give of her best on the day. We will be open and honest with you and tell you if we believe your child is on track for a positive assessment.

Furthermore, while it is your child in the room for the assessment, there is much that you as a parent can do to give her the best chance of success. We will also give you some of those practical tips based on our extensive experience.

The entire session lasts for 90 minutes.

Sessions are typically run after school at 4.30pm. We also run some sessions on Saturday afternoons in October and November.

Our Follow Up Mock Alleyn?s 4 plus assessment

Our most successful candidates actually repeat the day with us around a week before their assessment. We give different exercises ? again from the library of historic Alleyn?s 4+ assessments. This allows us to fine tune the day and give any last minute tips. We have a 90% success rate with these candidates.

Key Dates for the 2022 Alleyn?s Assessment

  • Open Day: Saturday 17 September from 10 am until 12 pm
  • Thursday 6 October from 10 am until 11.30 am
  • Tuesday 1 November from 1.30 pm until 3 pm

Registration Opens: 1st November 2022

Application Deadline: 4th November 2022

(Please note that unlike with many Prep Schools there is no priority waiting list operating with Alleyn?s)

Assessment Days:

  • 18 November 2022
  • 25 November 2022
  • 2 December 2022
  • 5 January 2023
  • 6 January 2023
  • 7 January 2023

Our Pricing for our 4 plus Assessment Day

We charge ?300 for the full assessment.

If we do a second assessment that is priced at ?200.

Contact us for more details about our 4+ Assessment

Firstly, we have a strict rule that we only help ten children each year for Alleyn?s 4+ entry. If we helped more then there would be no benefit for those we have helped. So please do not delay in booking. If you would like to find out more and make a booking please call us on 020 8883 2519.