4 Plus Results and Testimonials

4 Plus Assessment Results and Testimonials


We have now had all our results in for the 4 plus cohort looking to start in September 2024. We have had a stellar year and are so proud of all the little children that we helped.

SchoolMentor ApplicantsNumber of Mentor Children who passedMentor Pass Rate %
Bromley High22100%
DPL (Dulwich Prep)66100%
DUCKS (Dulwich College)88100%
JAGS (James Allen’s Girls School)10770%
Habs (girls)55100%
Habs (boys)4375%
Herne Hill33100%
Manor Lodge33100%
NLCS (North London Collegiate)10880%
St Albans22100%
St Christopher’s22100%
South Hampstead High5480%
Sydenham High4375%
The Hall3267%


We did not ask for any of these testimonials. They are a selection of the many unsolicited emails and messages we have received.

JAGS offer: Six sessions with Mentor

Of course we are keeping fingers firmly crossed that she receives offers, but whatever the outcome, we wanted to thank you for the superb experience of your 4+ programme. We have been hugely impressed by the excellent approach taken across the programme, and by all the tutors we met at xxx’s 1 to 1 sessions. In particular, the very clear and targeted feedback has been incredibly helpful and we have followed all the advice given us to the letter. We ourselves can see the very positive change and development in xxx and her capabilities since she started the programme, and we just hope those abilities will also have been evident to the two schools too.

Our thanks to you both and all the team for your fantastic support and advice.

NLCS, Highgate and South Hampstead offer: Twenty-two sessions with Mentor

I am pleased to inform you that xxx received offers from South Hampstead, NLCS, Highgate and St Christopher’s (ie from all schools we had applied to).

We are not sure if we should accept NLCS or South Hampstead (our 2 preferred schools) and are discussing this.

Just wanted to add my thanks and gratitude for all the invaluable tutelage, guidance and advice you have provided throughout.  It’s been hugely appreciated.

What a relief!

St Alban’s High offer: Six sessions with Mentor

xxxx has received an offer from St Alban’s High School after her 4+ assessment.

Thank you and the team for all your effort and hard work to prepare her for the assessments, it has helped a lot!

I will be looking at tuition and possibly assessment preparation again in the future with Mentor Education and I will be in touch again.

Sydenham High offer: Twenty sessions with Mentor

The work Andrea and the team at Mentor have been doing with our daughter has totally transformed her confidence, her ability to listen, focus and engage, and helped develop her skills in a classroom setting. We were a little reluctant at first in the idea of mentoring a 3-year-old, but it has encouraged and delighted her in so many ways, as it has with us.

Habs offer: Twelve sessions with Mentor

We are so pleased to tell you that xxx has got an offer from Habs. It was our first choice as you know. Your work has hugely helped xxx gain confidence and improve his language skills. Coming from a bilingual family, we always knew it would be tricky, but your team in Hampstead made all the difference. Thank you so much!

Alleyn’s and DUCKS offer: Six sessions with Mentor

I just wanted to let you know xxx impressed greatly in his 4+ assessments and got offers from every school he applied for – Oakfields, DPL, DUCKS as well as Alleyn’s!

We are now spoilt for choice for where to go ! We may well ask for some advice on what Alleyn’s is like…?

Thank you for helping us out and working with xxx. We feel very proud of him, and we can only have great things to say about Mentor Education.

NLCS offer: 12 sessions: Six sessions with Mentor

Totally thrilled to inform you that xxx has got an offer from NLCS today and we’ve accepted it. NLCS was our first choice as since the time we visited that school, we instantly knew it was the right fit for both xxx and us and therefore were so keen to prepare xxx for it.

Many thanks to you and all your staff for the immense support and guidance to prepare xxx for this. I can’t thank you all enough and I wish you and Mentor Education even greater success in years to come!!

JAGS offer: Eighteen sessions with Mentor

(we also got their older boy into Dulwich College at 7 plus at the same time.)