Preschool Preparation

Give your child the gift of reading and a love of numbers before they get to school

Our pre-school programme sees children learning for an hour a week with us in 1-2-1 with a dedicated specialist and fully qualified Early Years Teacher. They spend half of that time on literacy and half on the foundations of mathematics. We also continually work on behaviours around listening, concentration, talking to adults, and school appropriate behaviour so they have the right learning habits.  Children who spend 30 weeks with us will typically have:

  • Advanced a level of reading, learning 50% of the basic sounds that they would have learned in reception, have a secure pencil grip and body position which is the foundation of good writing, and significantly advanced their general literacy.
  • Mastered the deep understanding of the nature of numbers up to 10 – this is not about counting which is simply a form of rote learning but rather deeply understanding how numbers operate. They will also understand sorting, measurements, patterns, the properties of standard shapes, length, height, time, mass and capacity.
  • In short, they will have mastered around 50% of the standard reception year curriculum.

This acceleration means that their time in reception becomes around mastery rather than purely knowledge acquisition. They will feel good and skilled in the class and this will encourage them to speak up with their answers and be confident with literacy and numeracy. This confidence is so key because children who think they are good at reading or think they are good at maths end up being good at these subjects.

Expert teachers will teach your children the same way they will be taught in school
Our teachers are all fully qualified teachers who have taught in some of the leading independent schools. We use the same materials that are used in leading independent schools so our approach seamlessly flows into their curriculums – they will be taught by us the same way that they later will be taught in school so they do not need to learn any new approaches.

When are the slots and how to book
Slots are available on most Saturday mornings in Hampstead and in Dulwich and in the week during working hours in our offices in Clapham. Typically parents buy packages of five lessons with us and then we arrange the times with them. A set of five lessons is £1,000 or a set of ten lessons for £2,000. If you are unsure of what level your child is at, you can also buy an Assessment, which is £500. You can book here using this form. Please call us to discuss your child’s needs on 0208 883 2519.