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Our tutors are dedicated school entrance specialists with track records of success getting children into top London schools.

How to Find a Tutor

The decision to instruct a private tutor can be a big step. Whilst tutoring can undoubtedly help your child conquer any problem areas and achieve academic success, it’s important to find the right match.

To help you get started, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about how to find the best 11 plus tutor for your child.

Can private tutoring really help my child? 

In a nutshell: yes! It’s important to decide on your goals – what is it that your child needs in order to flourish, and how their current school might also be able to help with this. Once you have a clear idea, a tutor can help you realise your aims: whether that’s to increase your child’s confidence, help them develop emotional resilience, or unlock their scholastic potential.

In addition, there is very compelling evidence – backed up by the latest research – that one-to-one and small group tuition is the best way for a student to ‘catch up’. Time at school missed due to COVID-19, and the lasting effects this may have on a child’s education are key concerns for many parents at present. But it’s thought that just 12 half hour sessions with a professional tutor could make a massive difference (indeed, it’s likely to boost their progress by more than five months!).

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Professor of Social Mobility at the University of Exeter Lee Elliot Major championed the value of private tutoring in a recent article for the Tes, stating: ‘One-to-one tutoring is one of the few education approaches we know works consistently, helping children to catch-up’, as well as confirming that tutoring is most effective when delivered by experienced tutors: ‘of course, the biggest impacts come when it is delivered by trained teachers.’

We have found the most reliable way to secure a place in a selective Secondary School is via tutoring. In 2020 90% of our students were placed at their first choice Secondary School with the help of our specialist tutors, while 100% secured an offer from either their first or second choice. External one-to-one support is particularly effective with younger children, who may not be getting personal support at their primary school. Our tutoring is designed to be fun and dynamic for children, we do not overwhelm or overwork them. Instead, we offer specific guidance teaching each child exactly what they need in order to pass school entrance exams, in methods that they find effective and engaging.

What should I look for in a tutor?

As Professor Major confirmed, it’s vital that your child is placed with a tutor who has the experience and skill to encourage their academic potential. Moreover, it’s crucial that your child hones other skills in order to have the best chance of succeeding at school: developing resilience and confidence, finding ways to nurture their emotional wellbeing, and, above all, discovering a love of learning. Mentor Education’s expert tutors – who pride themselves in pioneering a holistic approach to education – are here to help.

Our tutors have a wealth of teaching experience. We prioritise quality, all of our tutors referenced checked professionals and DBS certified. Security and safety are extremely important to consider when looking for a tutor, a tutor must be someone you feel comfortable with and trust.

For over three decades, Mentor Education have offered one-to-one tuition in London, and we’re now proud to be able to offer our exceptionally-qualified tutors to a global audience via online learning. So far we’ve helped over 90,000 children perform to the best of their ability – whatever the situation. We remain dedicated to providing a professional – yet personal – service, giving our students undivided one-on-one attention and unconditional support.

‘Professional yet personal’ is key for any parent looking for a tutor. Be sure that whichever agency you select to help you with your search prioritises human beings over algorithms: personal care and attention – rather than box ticking – is so important when finding the right fit for any child.

How much will it cost?

Every agency – and every student – differs, so pinpointing exact figures can be tricky. However, we make it a priority to be as simple and transparent as possible. As a guideline, our fees are as follows:

  • Registration fee: £60
  • Online tuition: from £80 per hour
  • Tuition in your home: from £80 per hour
  • SEN consultation: £120 per hour
  • Schools consultancy: £195 per hour
  • Online academic assessment: £325

Please note that we only charge a registration fee if we pair you with a tutor you’re 100% satisfied with – if we don’t find you a match, there’s no fee.

How do you recruit your tutors?

We’re proud to have many department heads and headteachers on our books, and all of our tutors are specialists in their subjects. However it’s not only academic excellence that we’re looking for: we also prioritise dependability, integrity, friendliness and warmth.

Furthermore, our tutors must undergo strict checks before they are admitted into our database. As well as having a degree in the subject they wish to teach, all tutors must have previous tutoring experience (we do not accept undergraduates or graduates with no teaching experience). To support their application, tutors must provide two appropriate referees who will give a reference specifically relating to their teaching experience and abilities. We personally verify all documents (PGCEs and degree certificates).

All tutors must hold a recent Enhanced DBS certificate (dated within the last three years).

Got more questions about finding the best school entrance tutor? We’re here to help.

If you have further queries about any aspect of our school entrance service, or tutoring in general, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly, professional and highly-experienced team are here to assist: we genuinely want what is best for you and your child, and will work hard to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable during your tuition journey – whatever stage you’re at. Get in touch today to find out more.

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