Motivating Teens The inside track to exam success

On your side.

How do you motivate a teenager to study for their exams? As a parent, it can be tricky to find the right way to encourage your child. You know how important their GCSEs and A Levels are, but sometimes it’s hard to get that message across.

We’ve teamed up with James Davey, known as The Exam Coach, to offer a couple of innovative new services that could be the perfect solution.

James graduated from Exeter University in 2014 and since then he’s helped over 25,000 students to improve their chances of exam success.

He can help with areas such as:

  • How to build a consistent study routine
  • How to limit procrastination
  • How to plan revision
  • Which revision techniques to use
  • How to manage exam nerves
  • How to manage friendships during exam time
  • How to manage your smartphone during exam revision

Here’s more on the services that James is offering via Mentor.

One-to-one online lessons

In these personal online lessons, James will discuss the specific challenges your child is experiencing in relation to studying, revision and exams. The two of them will then work together on practical solutions that will put your child on the right track. Typically, these include:

  • Discovering the basics of exam success
  • Learning and memorisation techniques
  • Nailing it on the day – high-performance exam day routines

Daily WhatsApp messages

You can also sign up for daily motivational WhatsApp messages delivered direct to your child’s phone. Every day, your child will receive exam preparation tips (as audio, video or text) that will help them feel more confident and will motivate them to succeed.

In addition, they’ll have access to audio content on subjects including:

  • The key ingredients for exam success
  • The three steps to student motivation
  • One thing any student can do to massively improve their chances of exam success
  • How to plan like an A grade student
  • The most effective revision technique that 90% of students don’t use
  • How top-performing students use their smartphones
  • Building your own exam technique and stress management system

Please get in touch now to book a one-to-one session with James or to sign up for the daily WhatsApp message service.