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Which London school is right for your child?

With London offering a plethora of options for your child’s education, how do you know which is the best school for your needs?

At Mentor, we have friendly experts on hand who can offer guidance and help you make the best choice. We have extensive knowledge of London’s independent schools and can help you identify the school where your child will flourish.

children studying for the 11+ exam, who have previously had Advice and Consultancy.

School Admissions Tuition

With over almost 40 years of experience in helping children achieve places at the top London day and boarding schools, we can help you understand the registration, exam and interview processes. Our school admissions tutors can ensure that your child flourish, developing the skills that they need to shine on assessment day.

We also run workshops and mock exam sessions, providing one-day courses to help prepare children for their 11+ entrance exam.

Find out more about or 7+ tutors and 11+ tutors.

We also offer tuition for children applying for an occasional place or at an entry point such as 8+ or 13+. Find out more about how Mentor can help with these bespoke entrance exams.

What to expect when applying for a place at a London school

We understand that the process of applying at an independent London school can be daunting. Our team have experience with many of the top schools, as both teachers and parents. You can find out more about what to expect and how best to prepare your child with our comprehensive School Entrance Guides. You can find them in the Resources section of our website.

We can advice about the schools you have in mind to help with your decision. We can also provide support tailored for the schools your child applies to, with our in-depth knowledge of how the admissions processes work. From school open days to the entrance interview, we can support you and your child and help them to succeed.

SEN Advice

We can also provide you with expert advice when making decisions about your child with special educational needs (SEN). Find out more about our SEN Consultancy and how we can help to match you with an exceptional SEN tutor.

Find out more about your child’s education journey with our helpful timeline or browse some of our 5-star tutors.

Admissions testimonials

Read testimonials from parents who worked with Mentor as their child was applying to a London school.

“Audrey is an amazing teacher and my daughter was always waiting her lessons with excitement and joy. The whole process of education became fun and stress free and the result was very rewarding. Audrey has helped me to identify my daughter’s strengths as well as the areas that required a bit more work, providing clear guidance on how to improve and motivate my daughter. Her support throughout the whole process of our applications and 7+ exams was irreplaceable and the results of our exams would have never been so great without her assistance and teaching.”

Parent of a Mentor 7+ tutee

“My son thinks William is great! As the 11+ approaches, William brings a wealth of experience, up to date knowledge in all areas and a sense of humour to each appointment which really motivates my son. His approach is caring but focused and he is quick to realise strengths and weaknesses. I would highly recommend William, I only wish we had found him sooner.”

Parent of Mentor 11+ tutee

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“If you’re the kind of parent that believes confidence building is a key part of a child’s journey to academic success, and you’re attracted to highly principled companies, then you’ll be right at home with Mentor Education”