Understanding Teens What makes them tick?

Insights that create confidence

When a child reaches their teenage years, it’s a pressurised time. Alongside making decisions that will affect their future, they have to develop a more independent learning style and have the confidence to work on their own initiative.

Our new Learning Style Assessment service can help by giving your child a much better understanding of how they like to study.

  • Are they someone who loves to start a task but has trouble finishing it?
  • Do they thrive under pressure or prefer a laidback approach?
  • Are they optimistic or pessimistic about their abilities?

Once they know how they prefer to study, your child will be able to make the most of their strong points and be aware of what might get in their way.

Our Learning Style Assessment service will help your child to become more confident and resilient in the face of the changes and challenges they are experiencing right now. It will also equip them with insights and self-knowledge that will prove invaluable all the way from GCSEs and A levels to university and the workplace. For this service, we have partnered with Nicky Horn, who is an expert in helping students to achieve their potential. Nicky taught at Ampleforth College for 12 years, so she has a wonderful range of experience in understanding students and motivating them to improve their performance.

It’s a simple process. First, your child takes a 10 minute online assessment. Next, they have a 40 minute Skype call with Nicky where she discusses the results, hears your child’s perspective and talks about how they can use these new insights to make studying easier and more enjoyable.

Please get in touch now to book your child’s Learning Style Assessment.