Corporate Clients Working with Organisations

Services for Organisations

We offer a variety of services to organisations, including local authorities, relocation agencies and employers. Here’s a taster of what we can provide.

Local authorities

We offer Virtual School tutoring and individual one-to-one tutoring support within schools. Our support for local authorities includes:

  • Sourcing tutors for SENCO schools in Barnet
  • Tutoring Looked After Children at the Virtual School in Islington
  • Providing exam tuition in Kensington & Chelsea for children affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Relocation agencies

Our in-house advisors are experts in the London school system. We are ideally placed to support families who are moving to London by guiding them through the education system, providing advice on choosing London schools and offering tuition support.


Increasingly, companies are offering tuition and educational guidance as part of their employee benefits. The services that we offer to employers include:

Group of corporate clients children studying for exams

For more details, please get in touch.

Case Study: Tutoring for students affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy

Shortly after the Grenfell Tower fire, we were asked to help an 18 year old former resident of the building. He was struggling to concentrate on his A levels, which were due to take place in just a few weeks’ time.

The agency that got in touch with us was a law firm appointed by The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea to look after the needs of a number of vulnerable young people following the disaster.

This situation required an extremely sensitive approach. The young man had lost several members of his extended family, so we needed to find a tutor who would be sympathetic whilst also providing the support and high-level focus that would allow the student to do his best in traumatic circumstances.

The tutors we selected

We turned to our extensive database and hand selected three tutors who were highly qualified to support this young man with his English, Chemistry and Maths A levels.

  • The English tutor is a fully qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Arts, a PGCE in Education and Qualified Teacher status. She is also an award-winning playwright.
  • The Chemistry tutor has a BSc in Chemistry from UCL and a PGCE from the University of Cambridge.
  • The Maths tutor has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and also lectures in accounting at St Mary’s University.

All have excellent track records of tutoring success and are known for their ability to understand and motivate young people. Naturally, they are also reference checked and have up-to-date DBS certificates.

In the run up to his exams, the student received over 70 hours of funded tuition from Mentor tutors.

Thanks to the support he received from his Mentor tutors, the young man was able to renew his focus on his studies. The student told the agency that Mentor’s tutors were “perfect” and “very flexible” and reported that he felt able to get back on track with his A levels and take his exams.

We were delighted when the student achieved the A level results he needed to take up a place on his chosen engineering foundation course at London City University.

Subsequently, the same agency has been back in touch and has asked us to put together a similar tuition programme for several other Grenfell Tower survivors, who we are currently still helping.

“If you’re the kind of parent that believes confidence building is a key part of a child’s journey to academic success, and you’re attracted to highly principled companies, then you’ll be right at home with Mentor Education”