Corporate Clients Working with Organisations

Services for Organisations

We offer a variety of services to organisations including local authorities, international schools, relocation agencies and large corporates.

International and UK organisations (schools, local authorities and large corporates) work with Mentor Education, due to our commitment to transparency, ethics and strong child safeguarding.

Highlighted by work with Kensington and Chelsea Council, helping Grenfell Tower victims with tuition for exams. We supply services for the Virtual School of Islington London Borough Council, which champions the educational achievement of Looked after Children (LAC). We help Barnet London Borough Council, with sourcing tutors for SENCO schools.

For our corporate clients we increase their value offering to clients and their employees, by providing educational services and products at scale. Thus, helping our corporate clients increase customer engagement and provide specialists services. Increasing employee benefits via ‘educational support benefits’, thus leading to improved employee morale and overall better retention rates. 

Examples of our corporate clients include:

  • Local Authorities
  • UK Sports Academies and Clubs
  • International British Schools overseas
  • Independent Schools in and out of the UK
  • International Education Agents located outside the UK
  • Multinationals with employee benefits encompassing education guidance and tuition
  • Relocation Specialists in need of in-house education experts placed in London