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Our tutors are dedicated school entrance specialists with track records of success getting children into top London schools.

How we recruit our tutors

Our mission is to recruit the brightest and most qualified tutors.

Our eligibility criteria are strict. All of our 11 plus tutors have teaching experience, many in top London independent schools. We do not accept undergraduates or graduates with no teaching experience.

We take two references for all tutors specifically relating to their teaching capabilities and their experience working with children.

All tutors must hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate dated within the last three years.

We also require copies of all qualification certificates, such as degree certificates and PGCE certificates.

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Who recruits our tutors?

Our tutors are recruited by Ed, Juuli and Phil at Mentor HQ. Juuli and Phil are qualified teachers and Ed is our senior recruiter with years of experience recruiting at all levels within the Education Sector.

All members of staff who recruit tutors at Mentor have completed the NSPCC ‘Safer Recruitment’ Course. This is the recognised gold standard course for those recruiting individuals to work with children and carries CPD Accreditation.

Working with the Tutors’ Association

As part of our onboarding procedures, all new tutors sign our Code of Ethics, which is based on the standards of our professional body The Tutors’ Association.

Key elements of our code include:

  • The importance of encouraging and enabling students to achieve their unique potential as independent learners through acknowledgement, encouragement, understanding and personalised attention
  • The rejection of plagiarism in all its forms (completing children’s work for them)
  • Respecting each pupils’ cultural background, dignity, and values.

The Recruitment Process

We start the recruitment process with a review of a potential tutor’s CV. All CVs must display a complete timeline of their work or education for at least the last five years. If tutors have worked abroad during this period, we will seek an overseas police check for extra security.

Following a review of their CV, we invite the potential tutor to an initial telephone interview. If they’re a strong candidate, we arrange a second face to face interview in person or via Zoom. We ask questions about the tutor’s teaching ability and experience. Then we discuss the techniques they use to help children increase their confidence and improve their results. Additionally, we ask for demonstrable examples of when they have helped different kinds of children in various settings, before deciding whether or not to proceed with onboarding the tutor.

First lessons

tutors and young boy reading a book

After your child’s first lesson, we will get in touch with you to check in and discuss how the session went. We ask for a review of the tutor after three lessons with their pupil. We are delighted to report that our current stats show that over 95% review their tutor as 5-star, the highest grade possible.

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