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Mentor Education Tutor Publishes Exciting New Novel

In addition to our normal 11 plus book recommendations, Mentor Education are delighted to mention books parents may be interested in themselves, such as a novel by one of our most popular and experienced tutors, Michael Fitzalan (also known as Finnian).

About the book: The Clapham Common Caper

The second in Michael’s Jo Murphy Mystery series, The Clapham Common Caper is a thrilling memoir set in 1950s London and gives us new insight into Doctor Jo Murphy’s life and work, as related by her mentor and friend Richard Regan. In the novel, pathologist Jo uncovers some unsettling and dangerous truths – and she simply cannot stand by without acting. She discovers that a cartel of businessmen is working to keep women from senior management roles by underhand means. Jo’s refusal to stay silent leads to her own life being threatened, and places both Regan and his police sergeant in danger. A thrilling, fast-paced story with a strong, inspiring female protagonist: the perfect winter read!

Reviewers have praised Michael’s ‘superb eye for detail’, deeming the novel ‘pacy’, ‘exciting’ and a ‘cracking caper’.

About the author

Michael has been writing professionally since 1996. His novels cover a breadth of genres and interests: his first book, The Taint Gallery, is a love story; his second, Waterwitch, an adventure on the high seas (but with a psychological twist). Other books include Uganda Palaver, which is about a trip to see Murchison Falls; Harry, which focuses on a boy’s struggle against bullies at prep school; and Gunpowder Guy, the true story of Guido Fawkes and his 36 barrels.

When he’s not writing, Michael is one of Mentor Education’s most expert and experienced tutors. A qualified English and Mathematics teacher with an exceptional record in relation to 11+ and 13+ entrance exams, Michael is an Independent School entrance specialist who has a wealth of experience (two decades in the classroom and nine years tutoring). Having held senior positions at several schools – such as Deputy Head of Hornsby House in Balham and Oakwood School – Michael has outstanding knowledge of School Entrance, and has tutored students for top schools including Charterhouse, Harrow, Eton, Tonbridge, Winchester and more.

Most importantly, perhaps, Michael is highly skilled, personable, and has an amazing knack for getting the best out of every student. He is particularly good at helping students impress during admissions processes, providing them with the tools and confidence to excel, and is consistently praised for building self-confidence and independent thinking.

We’re very lucky to have Michael as part of the Mentor Education team, and wish him all the best with his fantastic new novel, The Clapham Common Caper. We urge everyone to head over to Amazon and pick up a copy – but, if you happen to get totally hooked, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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