The Truth About Online Tutoring

The rise of technology has made online tutoring a popular option for certain students in recent years – and the recent pandemic has made it a necessity for many. With the vast resources of the internet at one’s fingertips and several excellent platforms, online tutoring is now as easy as simply clicking a link. However, with a huge number of online tutoring agencies springing up to capitalise on this new trend, is there any way to guarantee quality of service?

The truth about online tutoring. A Young boy is being tutored via his laptop.

Mentor Education offers online tuition alongside a roster of other services, ensuring that we deliver the same level of quality across the board. Our GCSE tutors are found via a comprehensive selection process; and, whether you choose online or in-person tutoring, you can be certain that you’ll be matched with a highly-qualified tutor with years of experience (from department heads to headteachers and Oxbridge graduates).

We’re a fan of online tutoring. During the COVID-19 crisis it has become a much-needed form of support; and, for many types of learners, it can be a really effective mode of information delivery.

Online Tutoring: Key Advantages

Home comforts – and safety

During the coronavirus pandemic, one key benefit of online tutoring has come to the fore: it can be done without ever leaving your house! Being able to keep on top of schoolwork and receive academic support online has become more valuable than ever. COVID-19 aside, this aspect of online tutoring can be very useful for some students – some children feel more at ease within their own private space in the home, with the perceived ‘safety net’ of the computer screen in front of them, rather than a physical person. In addition, every second of an online session can be recorded and reviewed as necessary, which provides an extra level of comfort for some parents.

Increased flexibility

Useful both during a pandemic and the pressures of day-to-day life is the flexibility online tutoring offers. There’s no travel time to fit in which makes the aligning of schedules much easier. Tutor and student only need to find a convenient time and a secure, quiet place to log in.


Geography plays a part in matching a tutor with a student (outside of a pandemic, of course!): but one of the great things about online tutoring is that it removes this barrier, opening up the pool of talent that is available to a student. With just a click of a mouse, you’ll have access to every expert tutor on an agency’s list.

Benefits of technology

FaceTime, Zoom, video messaging… these are all technological elements that are part of the modern-day student’s life, whether in or out of the classroom. Most young people see their choice of device (be it a laptop, smartphone or iPad) as an extension of themselves, so online tutoring aligns the process with something the student is likely to be very comfortable with, which can enhance their enjoyment and overall level of engagement. In addition, technology can make the process of studying easier: sessions can be recorded and replayed, reducing the need to take lengthy notes, documents can be shared simultaneously, and screen-sharing capabilities allow both parties to make use of visual elements (like graphs).

New way to make a connection

All Mentor Education tutors are extremely experienced, and they know – better than most – the importance of building a solid relationship with their student. Not only does this allow them to tailor lessons to suit their pupil’s learning style, but also makes them more attuned to changes in mood that might affect the session: if a student is upset about something, or frustrated with the task at hand, they’re able to adapt accordingly to ensure the time is still used productively. The rapport that is developed during sessions also creates a sense of trust that is highly conducive to academic progress.

Online tutoring provides a new way to make a connection with students, removing the barriers of geography and some of the shyness that can arise in a face-to-face setting: for some students – who have grown up communicating online – this environment is more conducive to success.

Online Tutoring: Things to Consider

Whilst online tutoring has many benefits, there are a few things to consider if a student is going to make the most out of each session. Technology, for example, can be both a blessing and a curse: so if you’re going to embark on a course of online tuition, it’s worth taking some time to ensure that devices are all up to date with the latest software/anti-virus programmes, and that the internet connection is strong. It’s also important to make sure the student has a quiet place to work in, free of distractions (in a busy home, this isn’t always easy, but it’s easier to find a space for one person – the student – to work in than it is a student plus a tutor, so that’s another bonus of online tutoring!).

Be aware, too, that for some students, online tutoring provides some temptation to ‘slack’, as there’s not a physical person there to remind them to concentrate. For this reason, it’s very important to choose an experienced tutor who is skilled at maximizing student engagement, and adapting teaching methods to different learning styles. Our expert teachers have a wealth of knowledge and will tailor their methods to the individual needs of each student, ensuring that whatever medium they are tutoring via – be it online or in person – they are able to keep the student focused, interested, and able to make the most out of every session.

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