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We are currently hearing from parents in unprecedented numbers that they are concerned for their children’s wellbeing and educational progress. Teachers are doing their best but provision for home learning has undeniably been varied. Some children are receiving a full programme of live lessons. However, many are receiving worksheets with little feedback and marking because schools are overwhelmed.

The burden on parents is considerable. They are juggling working and teaching, unfamiliar with modern teaching methods which are very different from when they were at school. Younger children need constant supervision whilst older children need motivation for important exams. The burden on parents is considerable and the results are plain to see. 

How we can help families with lockdown homeschooling

We have honed our lockdown learning support over the past twelve months of the pandemic. We can now offer you the most targeted, efficient and curriculum-led learning, with qualified teachers who understand the pressures your children are facing.

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For Primary School Children who need lockdown homeschooling support, we offer online group lessons. We also offer individual lessons, online or in person.

Small Groups for Online Lessons

School children will not be back in their schools until at least March the 8th. We believe that a staggered return will prioritise children with public exams this year, leaving children in other years with at least six more weeks out of their classrooms. We are therefore offering small group lessons structured around literacy and numeracy as per the National Curriculum, to help your child stay on track. 

Lessons are available every day, meaning parents can get on with their own work knowing that their children are receiving at least one live lesson and close attention from a teacher every day.  

Individual Lockdown Homeschooling Support for Families

Many families are requesting a tutor visit them each day and ensure that homeschooling is supported for all the children in the family. Tutors typically attend for three hours, say from 9am until 12pm. They help children complete their daily tasks and upload work to their school platforms. Parents are then free to get a good morning’s work under their belt undisturbed. They can relax somewhat, having cleared some of their own important work tasks and knowing their children have completed their schoolwork well. 

School Entrance Support

Children hoping to sit for 7+ or 11+ in January 2022 cannot afford to miss this term’s learning progress. At this stage in an 11+ journey, we would be encouraging children to consolidate their Maths and English skills, checking they are familiar with the whole 11+ syllabus. We would also suggest that children regularly practise their Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and read every day from an 11+ book list. Get in touch for our reading list suggestions.

To keep them on track with schools closed, we recommend regular lessons with a tutor who knows the schools you are aiming for and knows what they are looking for. We at Mentor have 40 years’ experience helping children with their 11+ exams. Our institutional knowledge will support you, however schools decide to assess for 2022 entrance. For example, we have deep knowledge of ISEB digital exams which helped our families when many schools changed their entrance exams to this format at the last minute. 

We also run small group classes online with a maximum of four children in each group. These sessions help children develop the skills and techniques required to tackle the more challenging aspect of the 11+ English and Maths syllabi. Please contact us for more details of 11+ groups your child can join.

GCSE and IGCSE Support

GCSE aged children are digital natives and arguably, have coped the best with digital learning throughout the pandemic. The benefit of online learning allows parents to source the very best tutors, unrestricted by geography. Here at Mentor, we have a database of over 250 tutors, all with at least a degree in the subject they teach. Most are also qualified teachers, teaching in London schools. Many of or specialist GCSE tutors who are quickly snapped up, given their record of accomplishment in helping children to boost final grades from their predicted or mock exam grades. Please call us as soon as you can if you would like to engage with our specialist GCSE or IGCSE tutors. 

A Level Preparation

A level students will be awarded their grades this year based on their teachers’ assessments. Between now and May, they will hopefully receive lots of opportunities to show what they can do. They will be submitting lots of pieces of work and hopefully doing well in various assessments run by their schools. This should be a more organised and fairer approach than the one taken last year. 

The downside of this approach is that students need to be performing to the standard of the grade they want much earlier in their A level journey. They also cannot cram for their exams last minute. Their presentation and writing skills need to be as good as possible as soon as possible so that teachers can support the grades they wish to award them with evidence. 

We offer A level tuition with London teachers, teaching the syllabus and subject your child needs. But more than just subject knowledge, our tutors can improve their pupils’ higher-order skills. This will ensure that the work submitted to their teachers really reflects their best efforts, supporting the grade they deserve.

Support for Lockdown Homeschooling: Your Options

Most families choose to engage us for at least one hour a day to support their children in lockdown, ensuring they receive some targeted attention every day. Many families are receiving little or no school support engage us to provide a suite of relevant lessons. These are, on average, three hours a day, covering an agreed group of subjects. Lessons can be taken with a group of friends studying together. We can be flexible and are here to help.

Please do get in touch. We understand the magnitude of Covid related learning loss and are ready to help.

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Lockdown Homeschooling Support

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