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Broomwood Hall Lower

Are you looking to get your child into Broomwood Hall Lower school? Find out everything you need to know about the school itself, as well as the 7 plus exam, and how you can help your child succeed. 

Introduction to Broomwood Hall Lower

Broomwood Hall Lower is a co-educational prep school located between Wandsworth and Clapham Common. The school is known for its impressive pastoral care and high academic standard, and is a popular choice for families seeking a traditional British education.

Pupils who attend Broomwood Hall Lower are then welcomed to stay with Broomwood. Girls attend Broomwood Hall Upper (age 8-13) and boys attend Northcote Lodge (age 8-13). 

Entry into Broomwood Hall Lower School

Broomwood Hall Lower offers priority entrance into Reception for siblings, children of alumni and children from nurseries that are part of the Dukes Education family. All other children are chosen by random ballot the year before entry. 

If you’re looking for your child to enter the Lower School between the ages of 5-8, it will be subject to a place being available, and you will be required to contact the school’s admissions.

Entry to Northcote Lodge

Boys from Broomwood Hall Lower School have automatic entry to Northcote Lodge. There are usually between 5 and 10 places available for 8+ entry from other schools. Additional places may also be available at 11 plus. 

There is also an option to join Broomwood Hall Lower School at the 7 Plus in Year 3, with guaranteed entry to Northcote in Year 4. This is subject to meeting entry requirements.

Entry to Broomwood Hall Upper School

Girls from the Broomwood Hall Lower have automatic entry to the upper school. Similarly to Northcote, there are normally between 5-10 places available for children from other schools.

There is an option to join Broomwood Hall Lower School at 7 Plus, with a guaranteed entry to Broomwood Hall in Year 4. This is subject to meeting entry requirements.

Preparation for the 7 Plus

At Mentor, we offer 7 Plus mock papers, to allow your child to familiarise themselves with the tests that are used at various prep schools. You can also browse our 7 Plus reading list to see all the essential texts your child should be reading in order to achieve success in the 7 Plus

Find a 7 Plus Tutor

Your child can thrive in the 7 Plus with our dedicated programme and expert 7 plus tutor. We offer a series of classes to assist with preparing your child for the exam. These follow a set programme for a term, which can take your child all the way from the start of Year 1 through to their exams in the winter of Year 2. The 7 plus is a hard exam, and can in many ways be even harder (taking age into account) than the 11 plus. Therefore, we teach it with either a dedicated 1-2-1 tutor or in 2-2-1 classes.