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How to Get into Hornsby House at 7 Plus

Are you looking to get your child into Hornsby House school at the 7 Plus? Find out everything you need to know about the school itself, the 7 plus exam and interview, and how you can help your child succeed.

Introduction to Hornsby House

Hornsby House is a thriving London prep school for boys and girls aged 4-11. The school has 430 pupils and is located between Balham and Wandsworth Common. Founded in 1988 by Beve Hornsby, the school provides an inclusive and nurturing education for its pupils.

Hornsby House has a great balance of academic and pastoral progress. Sport is also an area of pride, and many students are awarded sports scholarships at senior schools each year.
The school has also garnered a reputation for its intense 11 plus preparation. In Year 5 and 6 both students and parents undergo a strict regime to prepare for the entrance exams at the most competitive schools.

Admissions at Hornsby House

The school is non-selective at Reception entry, and provides children with a rich and varied curriculum.

Places for Reception classes are offered a year and a half in advance of entry. Registered siblings and children of staff and ex-pupils have priority for admission to Reception. After that, places will be offered in order of ‘age of the child at registration’. This means the time elapsed between the date of birth and the date of registration.

Entry to Years 1 to 6 at Hornsby House

Occasional places may become available for entry into Years 1 to 6. If children are wishing to enter the school between Year 1 and Year 6, they must be registered by November of the previous year. They will then be invited to attend an assessment in January for the following September.

Preparing for the 7 Plus

Preparation is essential to success in the 7 Plus and 11 Plus exams. At Mentor, we offer past papers to help your child familiarise themselves with exam techniques and develop their confidence. We also have a reading list, so you can find out the essential texts your child should be reading at this stage.

Find a 7 Plus Tutor

If you’re looking to get your child into a top London prep, it’s a good idea to get a specialised tutor. At Mentor, our 7 Plus tutors will help your child prepare for the exam, giving them the tools they’ll need to succeed. We cover the key elements of the curriculum and ensure that your child has both acquired the curriculum and mastered it. Homework, mock exams, and interview practice will all be included.