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How to Get into Westminster Under School

Are you looking to get your son into Westminster Under at the 7 Plus? Find out everything you need to know about the school itself, the 7 plus exam and interview, and how you can help your child succeed.

Introduction to Westminster Under

Westminster Under is a small, but high-powered boys’ school based in the heart of London, and is known for its academic and sporting success. It’s a highly desirable prep school, and is attached to Westminster School, with over 80% of attendees going on to study there. Westminster Under takes pupils from age 7 up until 13. 
As one of the best prep schools in London, entry to Westminster Under is fiercely competitive, with only the brightest and most confident boys being offered a place. With the help of one of our 7 plus tutors, you can give your child the tools they will need to succeed.

Westminster Under School Results

At Westminster, pupils consistently achieve exceptional examination results and entrance to some of the top universities in the world. The latest results have been no exception, with pupils achieving outstanding GCSEs and A Levels.

Westminster Under School 7+ Information

Parents who wish to register their sons for the 7 Plus should complete an online registration form. The deadline is usually in the October of the previous year.

Open Days at Westminster Under for the 7+

An open morning will take place, generally at the start of the school year. This will give children and parents a chance to visit the school and speak to staff members.

What Does the Westminster Under School 7+ Assessment Involve?

At Westminster Under, they look for potential in boys who have a natural ability and will therefore thrive. All boys will sit bespoke adaptive electronic tests in mathematics, English, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. At Mentor, we offer 7 Plus mock papers, to allow your child to familiarise themselves with the tests and develop their confidence.

Maths Assessment

In the maths test, some questions may require candidates to type a numerical answer into a box. Children should have a range of mental calculating strategies and have practical experience in measurement and shape. They will also be expected to understand the concept of fractions at a basic level.

English Assessment

The English assessment will be split up into reading and writing. The writing test will require children to write in a form that should be familiar to those who have followed the KS1 or KS2 programme of study. It will be checked for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 

The reading assessment will require boys to read aloud to others and be able to discuss the stories and their meaning. Take a look at our 7 plus reading list to see the essential texts that’ll set your child up for success.

Reasoning Assessment

There will be tests in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, which will test thinking skills. No preparation will be needed for the reasoning, although becoming familiar with this type of paper can increase confidence.

7 Plus Classroom Activities and Interviews

Based on the results of the written papers, the school will invite approximately 50 boys back to participate in some classroom activities and an interview. This usually takes place in January. 

The boys will enjoy a session that’s similar to a typical school morning, and will be settled in with games before starting their assessment. They will be interviewed by The Master and a member of the Senior Management Team, where they will be encouraged to talk about their interests and enthusiasms.

At the end of January, emails are sent to all applicants advising them of the outcome of the assessments.

Find a 7 Plus Tutor

At Mentor Education, our 7 Plus tutors offer a series of 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 classes to assist with preparing your child for the 7 Plus. These follow a set programme, which can take your child all the way from the start of Year 1 through to their exams in the winter of Year 2. We cover the key elements of the curriculum and ensure that your child has both acquired the curriculum and mastered it.

To book a place on our Spring 2023 term (suitable for year 1 children) please click here.