The Return to School: How Will Covid Affect 2021 GCSEs?

Though many students were delighted to return to school (briefly) during the summer term, and will be looking forward to school starting again in September, a new survey shows that parents still have serious concerns – particularly parents of children who will be taking GCSEs in 2021.

How will COVID affect GCSEs. A Teenage girl in a classroom

Parents’ Post-Pandemic Concerns

The recent survey, which was conducted by StarLine and Mumsnet, delved into the emotions of both parents and children around the return to school and future educational plans (particularly when it came to the upcoming 2021 GCSEs).

Of the parents surveyed, though 46% said they feel happier about their child’s education after the return to school, 34% are worried their child isn’t getting a ‘proper’ education – a figure which rises to 66% for parents of children who will be sitting GCSEs next year.

Indeed, while 74% of all respondents reportedly feel confident that their child’s school is on top of things when it comes to the challenges presented by COVID-19 (both educationally and from a safety perspective), this figure plummets when isolated to just the parents of children who were in Year 10 this year. Out of this particular subsection of parents, only 56% display confidence in their child’s school, with 42% expressing concerns that the school is not on top of things.

Furthermore, a whopping 81% of parents whose children will sit GCSEs or A Levels next year are worried about the impact school closures and COVID-19 have had on their child’s potential achievement.

Other concerns were reported, including (but not limited to)

  • That trying to support their child’s home learning has been stressful (75%).
  • Only around half of parents felt their child’s school had provided high-quality home learning materials (54%) and good personal support (51%).
  • Worries that their child might catch COVID-19 and fall ill after returning to school (38%) or transmit COVID-19 to family members (48%).

How We Can Help – from GCSEs to Online Tuition

2020 has been an unprecedented year – in many ways. The coronavirus and consequent lockdown have challenged both parents and children on a number of levels; and it’s hard to fully assess the impact this situation has had on young people – both in terms of their emotional wellbeing and academic progress.

Mentor Education are here to help your child hit the ground running in September, ensuring that they feel capable and confident to return to school, and making certain that they’re well prepared to achieve the best results next year.

2020 GCSE results – having just been released – are on the minds of many at present; and we’re here to help your child prepare for the 2021 GCSE examinations. GCSE results determine which A Levels a student can take and, ultimately, will impact their chances of studying their chosen degree at their preferred university.

Fortunately, Mentor Education’s team are specialists in GCSE exam preparation. Established teachers in leading London schools – many of whom are also heads of department and qualified examiners – our tutors know the current syllabus inside out, understand what examiners are looking for, and are able to adapt their teaching methods to your child’s preferred style to enhance understanding and engagement (as well as giving your child new confidence in their abilities). We have an excellent track record of success.

Better still, we’re fully equipped to deliver our exceptional tuition sessions online, meaning that you connect with the best tutors – wherever you are. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your child will receive outstanding online tutoring via our secure, fully-vetted service (we only employ highly-experienced, security-checked, professional teachers).

Mentor Education founder Mary Lonsdale says: ‘This academic year has been exceedingly stressful for both students and parents – and it’s clear that many parents are still feeling very anxious about what’s to come. So much teaching time has already been lost, and the recent A-Level chaos means that parents are now even more concerned about how the government and regulators will approach next year’s examinations. At Mentor Education, we’re proud to support both students and parents through their journey, helping them feel secure and confident at every stage. In these very trying times – when so much feels uncertain – our clients are relieved to know that there are trustworthy, professional experts on hand to offer much needed advice; educational specialists who will be there to guide them every step of the way.’

If you’re in need of support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mentor Education today. We’re here to help!

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