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11 Plus Interview Practice Course

Why children need an 11 plus practice course

A child’s ability to perform well during an 11 plus interview is becoming increasingly important at every stage of their education, especially in entrance exams. Our tutors and 11 plus Interview Mastery Course will help prepare your child to present their brilliant self.

When applying to London’s top independent schools, academic ability alone is no longer enough. The 11 plus interview is a vital part of the entrance process, therefore, the importance of preparation cannot be understated. Schools are now placing more importance on how well children communicate, demonstrate intelligent reasoning, and show evidence of an enquiring mind. 

Children will be asked a range of questions. Questions will vary from difficult ones like “could you explain the colour yellow to a blind person?” to easier ones like “what is your favourite school subject.” Making sure that your child has the ability to answer them with personality and integrity as well as intelligence and skill is key to a successful interview.

Girl feeling confident about her 11 Plus Interview

Our 11 plus course expertise

At Mentor, great teaching is at the heart of everything we do, interview preparation is no exception. Our 11 plus Interview Mastery Course is delivered by Gill Cross, our Director of Education who was previously Deputy Head at a GDST school in London. 

Gill has over a decade of experience interviewing pupils for a place at her over subscribed senior school. Her great understanding of the school entry process means that your child gets guidance and mentoring from someone who is a master of their trade. Our 11 plus Interview Mastery course will provide your child with an excellent understanding of the interview process. Giving them the knowledge and skills they need to enjoy their interview and confidently present their brilliant self to their future school.

How can our 11 plus interview course help your child to present their brilliant self in a Zoom interview?

Since the pandemic, online interviews have become more prevalent. This type of interview  can be difficult for adults, nevermind children.

Our expert interview tutors are able to provide specific tips to help children interviewing online. These methods include: how to begin, join and end a video call, what to do if various technical problems present, and how to make an impact on screen.

Boy studying for his 11 plus interview

Our 11 plus practice course- Interview Mastery

Our course will give your child a wealth of confidence when it comes to interviews. It gives them a head start in preparation for their school entrance exam. Senior Schools really value interviews and see them as a critical part of the assessment process. We don’t want your child to feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of interviews. Therefore, will help prepare them to present their brilliant self.

The course consists of 4 one-to-one sessions: Two one-hour familiarisation and practice sessions; a mock interview session; and a feedback session with the parents.   

  • Session 1 – How to create a positive first impression, top tips for mastering interviews, and eight key interview topics.
  • Session 2 – How to tackle activities and tasks designed to assess critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, individuality, and mental agility.
  • Session 3 – Mock interview session and verbal feedback to the pupil.
  • Session 4 – Written report and verbal feedback with parents.

The Interview Mastery Course is £495 and is discounted to £349 if you are already a Mentor Parent.

Please contact us for more details and for a consultation about what is right for your child.

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