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11 Plus Audiobooks

Engage your child with the best audiobooks to help them prepare for their school entrance exam and interview.

Reading is key preparation for the 11 plus. Children who have read more widely across a variety of genres typically perform much better than those who don’t. However, cramming a wide range of texts into your child’s reading routine isn’t always that simple. Audiobooks are a great solution!

Audiobooks to listen to ahead of your child’s entrance exams

Some of the best and most-loved children’s books have been brought to life in audio format. This engaging medium is ideal for readers of all levels. Maybe you’re struggling to engage a reluctant reader, or perhaps are stuck for time to get plenty of reading done? Audiobooks are a great way to introduce them to new authors, classic stories and a wider vocabulary. You and your child can enjoy them together on car journeys and trips.

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Check out our top 5 audiobooks for kids. You can find plenty for free too!

1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

We know that most households are bound to have a copy of the magical series. But, hear the story read aloud by Stephen Fry and you can’t help but fall in love with Hogwarts all over again. Perfect for parents and children alike, Fry is a master story teller. Each character has a unique voice, and the comforting, warm voice makes the adventures feel even more cosy, and Hogwarts feel even more like home.

2. Tom Gates: Ten Tremendous Tales

Laugh out loud fun and mischief in this book from the ever-popular world of Tom Gates! Particularly ideal for shorter car journeys as you can listen to any one of the ten stories on their own. Whether you’re child is a huge fan of the series or hasn’t read any of Liz Pichon’s books yet, you’re both sure to get a kick out of this audiobook, stuffed full of laughs and starring the usual cast of Tom, his family, friends and foes!

3. The Boy at the Back of the Class

The thought-provoking story of Ahmet, a 9 year old refugee, and the four children at his new school who come up with a plan to help him. Imogen Wilde brings Onjali Q. Raúf’s tale of hope and friendship alive, the story following the friends as they embark on their daring adventure.

Making the subject of the refugee experience accessible for children and parents to discuss, this future classic is a must for your audiobook collection.

4. How to Train Your Dragon

Told by David Tennant, this firm family favourite from Children’s Laureate Cressida Cowell is a spectacular adventure story.

Hiccup is the heir to the Hairy Hooligan Viking Tribe, but he must pass the dragon initiation program to become a full member. When Hiccup manages to catch the smallest dragon anyone’s ever seen, he is taunted to no end! From Tennant’s lisping Toothless, to the dragon roars in between scenes, this audiobook is a truly wonderful performance that the whole family can enjoy.

5. Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World

Written by Kate Pankhurst, this book is the ideal non-fiction pick. Bursting full of astounding facts, music and sound effects, Pankhurst tells the inspiring tales of women throughout history, from Marie Curie and Mary Seacole to Jane Austen and Anne Frank.

Read by Kate Pankhurst, with Adjoa Andoh, Harriet Carmichael and Paul Panting, these inspiring tales will delight boys and girls, helping them to understand more about the wonderful women who have shaped the world we live in today.

Don’t forget you can always ask your tutor for more audiobook recommendations!

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