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Expert advice on the admissions process for some of the UK's top grammar schools.

Kingston Grammars / Tiffin Schools Entrance Exams

Kingston has two grammar schools – Tiffin School and The Tiffin Girls’ School. Both of them use an 11 Plus Test.

The Kingston Grammars / Tiffin Schools Stage One Test

There is a two stage testing process. Stage One is a test based on a GL Assessment. Our tutors are experts in this assessment model and can help your child prepare. The test is different but similar to the Selective Eligibility Test run by the Sutton Grammar schools so you can prepare for both simultaneously. There is a Maths and English paper with multiple choice answers. It is important to note that the answering sheet is different to the Sutton test so the child must be prepared for this.

The Kingston Grammars / Tiffin Schools Stage Two Test

The second stage test is set by the schools. The Stage 2 English exam covers open-answer reading comprehension and a writing test. Question formats include rewriting sections in the first person, explaining the meaning of words and plenty of long-form responses that required evidence to back them up.

The Tiffin Girls' School grounds

The Writing task has included provided story endings or specific requirements of how the story needs to be structured.

The maths exam covers arithmetic questions followed by plenty of challenging word problems, covering topics such as time zones, speed/distance/time, simultaneous equations and algebra. The test is in a standard format, consisting of open-answer questions. In terms of format, timing, question types and difficulty level, the exam is likely to be quite similar to our independent school practice papers

What is the pass mark for the Kingston Grammars / Tiffin Schools Stage Two Test?

For all tests, the raw scores are standardised and age weighted.

The Combined Score will comprise 10% each of English and Maths from Stage One, 40% each of English and Maths from Stage Two. Only those who do not gain a place will be sent their Combined score.

Typically, the schools require an adjusted score of around 105 to get in. This changes slightly each year and from school to school.

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