The Wandsworth Test

Experienced in tutoring children for school admissions, we are here to help you navigate the Wandsworth Year 6 Test.

The Wandsworth Test – Graveney School Admissions Test

We are experienced in tutoring children for school admissions, and are here to help you navigate the Wandsworth Year 6 Test, including how to negotiate entrance to the Graveney Extension Stream.

 The Graveney Extension Stream and Graveney school building

How to get into the Graveney Extension Stream

The Borough of Wandsworth is known for its good schools, and every year at 11 plus level many of its popular schools tend to be oversubscribed. One of the most popular is Graveney School in Tooting, which holds an Outstanding Ofsted Report and is one of the largest, most successful comprehensive schools in England.

Figures from Wandsworth Council in 2020 show Graveney School was the hardest secondary school in the borough to secure a place in, with just 36.9% of people who put it down as a first choice being offered a place.

Because Graveney School is so popular and most families in the local catchment area take up their places, the few places that are not geographically dependent are highly sought after and competitive. These places are offered to the 70 children who come top in the Wandsworth Year 6 Test. These 70 places not only offer a place to children not in the small catchment area of the school, but they also offer a coveted place on the Graveney Extension Stream. This stream is taught separately within the school and the teaching is more like that of a Grammar school, academically intensive and with high standards.


About Graveney School 

Founded in 1986, Graveney School is a partially-selective secondary school and sixth form located in Tooting. The school prides itself on providing a disciplined atmosphere for pupils to learn. Graveney aims to produce confident, responsible adults who will make a positive contribution to society.

In 2020 Graveney opened an impressive new Science and Technology block called the Oppenheimer Observatory- so named because the school can now offer Astronomy as a GCSE subject.  This new building won some impressive Design and Architectural Awards and parents couldn’t be happier with the new facilities.

What is the Extension Stream and why is it so sought after?

In the Graveney School system, there are four streams: Extension, Upper, Middle and Support. The top two are academically intensive and Extension particularly operates more like a Grammar School. The Support stream is for children with SEND, with small class sizes and lots of extra help on offer

In the Extension stream standards are high – with formidable teachers and lots of homework. Behaviour is good, and the kids speak of the head with a mix of awe and admiration. 

Graveney School Admissions Test

The minimum and maximum standardised score for each test is 69 and 141, respectively. There is no ‘pass mark’ but rather different schools in Wandsworth use the test for banding purposes.  For the Graveney Extension stream, offers are made to the children who perform best in the borough, the top 70 children. Chestnut Grove and Ashcroft College of Technology use the test for banding, i.e. they take a certain number of students achieving different gradings across a broad academic range. . 

Find our range of 11 plus practice tests from some of the top London schools.

What is the Wandsworth test?

The Wandsworth Year 6 test is an exam set by the Borough of Wandsworth to help the transition to senior school. All children who go to state primary school in the borough sit the test, which normally takes place in the September of Year 6.

Confusingly, not all schools in the borough use the test for admissions purposes and indeed those that do, use the test in different ways, depending on their own admissions criteria. Results are usually released in October: a good score undoubtedly means more options when applying to secondary schools in Wandsworth.

Key dates:

  • Registration Closing Date: September (a year before entry)
  • Common Application Form (CAF) Closing Date: October
  • Exam Date: September
  • Results Date: October
  • Allocations Date: March
  • Appeals Hearings: June, July

Admissions Info: [email protected], 020 8871 7316

What is on the Wandsworth test?

The Wandsworth Year 6 test has two parts, with a short practice session at the start and a short break in between the two tests: 

Part 1: Non-Verbal Reasoning (55 minutes)

Part 2: Verbal Reasoning (50 minutes)

The tests are created by GL Assessment, one of the exam boards particularly involved with Grammar School Admissions. GL Assessment tests do have a particular slant and focus and we would recommend you read our article to make sure you are familiar with GL Assessment tests and that your child practices with the correct resources. To find out in more depth about what is involved with Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning, please see the following articles:

Non-verbal Reasoning syllabus

Verbal Reasoning syllabus

Specialist Reasoning Tuition for the Wandsworth Year 6 test

We have specialist Wandsworth Test tutors, who understand in great detail the Reasoning tests set by Wandsworth borough. These can change year by year and our exam tutors are always up to date with the latest knowledge. Many schools are increasing their proportion of Spatial Reasoning questions and this is a trend we see across the London Independent Sector. Our experienced tutors can help.

Find out more about the Wandsworth Test

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