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11 Plus Interview Practice

Your child’s ability to perform well during an interview is becoming increasingly important at every stage of their education, especially in entrance exams. Our tutors and courses will help prepare your child so they can present themselves naturally and confidently at interview.

When applying to London’s top independent schools, academic ability alone is not enough. The 11 plus interview is a vital part of the entrance process, therefore, the importance of preparation cannot be understated. Schools are now placing more importance on how well children communicate, demonstrate intelligent reasoning, and show evidence of an enquiring mind. Given that entrance exams have been stymied by Covid 19 last year, there is undoubtedly more than normal riding on interviews. Parents are trying to support their children through interviews which are intrinsically stressful in themselves, whilst also battling the obvious technical, psychological and social impact of online interviews.

Preparing children for their school entrance interviews can be difficult at the best of times. You want them to feel ready, but not to give responses that appear rehearsed.

Being ready to answer interview questions honestly and intelligently is key. Some questions can be as simple as “why do you want to come to this school?” However, some can be a little more abstract such as, “could you explain the colour yellow to a blind person?”

How can we help with interview preparation?

We offer specialist interview practice to help boost your child’s confidence, improve their communication, lateral thinking and visual analysis skills. Our experienced tutors specialise in school entrance interviews for entry at some of London’s top independent schools. Furthermore, we run individual and group sessions that focus on interview preparation and what to expect.

We encourage children to develop their answers and present their best self, instilling a sense of self-assurance. Our preparation will help to take some of the uncertainty out of the 11+ interview process, giving your child the skills and confidence that they need to shine on interview day.

How tutors can help prepare your child to express themselves over Zoom at their entrance interview

Our expert interview tutors have specific tips to help children interviewing online. These methods include: how to begin, join and end a video call, what to do if various technical problems present, and how to make an impact on screen. One of the joys of this one to one support is the space it gives a child to worry less about making mistakes and to focus instead on sharing their point of view. These are all valuable skills that will support your child during their interview and beyond.

girl taking her eleven plus interview online

Our interview experts will familiarise your child with the kind of discussion that they will experience in the interview. They will encourage conversation around current affairs and ask typical interview questions such as “what three words would you use to describe yourself?” They may also set typical interview tasks within the session such as mental maths problems or a brainteaser.

Our interview experts are senior teachers and heads of department from some of London’s leading schools. They have personal experience of the demands of the 11+ admissions process and can provide up-to-date insight into what schools are looking for. Wherever possible, we match you with a tutor who has taught at the school that your child is applying to. Find out more about our tutors, or check out availability for our mock exams and courses.

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