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11 Plus Maths Practice Papers

Get ahead of the game with our range of 11 Plus Maths practice papers, created to suit the latest requirements of independent schools.

Written by a team of experienced educational authors and 11 plus experts, our Maths practice papers are the ideal tool when preparing your child for their entrance exam

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Developed using feedback from schools, teachers and children, all the practice papers are up-to-date with the current requirements for competitive independent school exams.

The 11 plus maths papers come with fully detailed answer sheets and are available to download now in PDF format. They are suitable for children of all levels.

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How to use our 11 plus maths practice papers

We recommend using practice papers strategically during your senior school journey, alongside past papers from your target schools. You shouldn’t expect your child to start practising too soon, or they may become demotivated if they under perform. However, leave it too late and they will not be able to work through their exam quick enough to reach those all important questions towards the end of the paper.

Understand the Maths syllabus, and discuss with your child’s tutor how much your child has covered so far. For the first paper your child attempts, don’t worry about the time it takes to complete. Instead, make sure you go through the answers together, so they know which questions they did well on and why, and vice versa.

When your child sits their Maths paper, speed will be crucial. So, closer to the exam day, make sure they sit some practice paper in timed conditions (the Maths paper is usually 45 minutes to 1 hour). Calculators are not usually permitted, so make sure your child doesn’t practise with one.

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