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Are you looking into Channing Senior School for the next step in your child’s education? Find out everything you need to know about the 11 plus admissions process, and how to help your child succeed.

Introduction to Channing

Channing School is a private day school for girls in Highgate, North London. Channing is a happy, purposeful place of intellectual enquiry and personal discovery.

The school aims to inspire its girls to develop scholarship, integrity, altruism and independence. It ensures every girl feel empowered, valued, and supported while providing a stimulating and vibrant educational experience. Entry to Channing is highly competitive, considering its outstanding results when it comes to higher education and university admissions. In 2019, 85% of GCSEs achieved at Grade 9, 8 or 7 (A*-A), while 36% achieved at Grade 9. In the same year, 70% of A Levels were achieved at A* or A.

Channing School buildings


£7,240 per term for Years 7-18. All pupils are required to have school lunches at £340 per term. A deposit of £4,000 is required upon acceptance of a place. £500 will be refunded from the first term’s fees, while the rest will be refunded when your daughter leaves the school.

Open Days at Channing

Due to current guidelines surrounding Covid-19, Channing is unable for invite parents and prospective students to visit. You can sign up to a Virtual Open Day on the Channing website. These will take place on the 14th of May and the 14th of June. Prospective parents and students will be able to meet with the Headmistress, staff and pupils, be guided through a virtual tour of the school, and take part in a live Q&A session. Channing has announced its intention to invite prospective parents and pupils into the school as soon as government guidance allows. We have found girls who attend Open Events are better prepared in interviews and more confident upon entering in September.

Book this year’s Virtual Open Day on the Channing website.

Admissions at Channing

Registration for September 2021 is now closed. Registration for September 2022 is open until mid November 2021. The registration form required you to pay a fee of £150. After registering, Channing will request a reference from your child’s current Headteacher.

There are 96 places available at 11 plus at Channing for outside applicants. Around 40 additional places will go to children coming up from the Junior School. Girls who currently have a sister at the school are given careful consideration but are not given automatic priority.

11 plus exam content at Channing

Due to the current guidelines around Covid-19, Channing set the ISEB Pre Test for their 2021 Senior School admissions, rather than the usual 11 plus exams to avoid large groups of children attending the school for their entrance exams. These tests take place online and had to be taken before the 15th of January 2021.

Taking about two and a half hours to complete, the ISEB Pre Test covers the following topics:

  • Verbal reasoning: covering areas such as common words, antonyms, word combinations and letter transfer.
  • Non-verbal reasoning: this topic tests areas including shape analogies and horizontal codes.
  • English: reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation and sentence completion.
  • Mathematics: content for this is in line with the National Curriculum topics taught up to the end of Year 5.

This new test for the Channing 11 plus entrance exam may sound daunting; however, Mentor has years of experience in preparing children for the ISEB which has been used by UK boarding schools for many years. It is very different from the written exams Channing usually set and it is very much worth tailoring your efforts towards this specific exam. For example, there is no creative writing element to the exam and all answers are multiple choice. Timing is even more important than usual in an ISEB test and students should work towards a pace that is broadly consistent with picking up 1 mark per minute. This is difficult for any 10 year old and requires lots of practice. Exam technique is also particularly important with an ISEB test as unlike with a written exam, the pupil cannot go back at the end to tackle questions they found hard. They will also have to practice guessing multiple choice answers, whilst eliminating as many wrong answers as possible.

Tailored tutoring could be the key to helping your daughter to stand out – from academic support to exam technique, our tutors can work with your child to provide them with the knowledge and self-confidence to tackle the online test. Find out more about how Mentor can help your child prepare for the Pre Test.

If possible, Channing will likely return to its usual entrance exam for 2022 applicants. For entrance into Channing at 11 plus, girls sit a Cognitive Abilities Test set by the London Consortium. The entrance exam tests Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The exam was made by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), so while there is no formal English component, CEM includes questions that would usually be found in an English test such as comprehension in the Verbal Reasoning paper. Applicants are able to take the exam at any school in the Consortium. The date is still to be confirmed, but will likely be in early January 2022.

The exam is around 1 hour and 15 minutes long, with a 30 minute break in the middle. Candidates will have to mark their answers on a separate answer sheet. CEM exams are usually formatted with short, timed sections focused on a specific area. These sections are then ordered randomly rather than one section after the other. For example, a 10 minute Maths section could be followed by a 7 minute Verbal Reasoning comprehension section followed by a 5 minute Non-Verbal Reasoning section and so on. Some of the questions will be multiple choice. This Cognitive Test was introduced to identify candidate overall academic potential as opposed to their ability to retain and repeat knowledge.

If you want an experienced third party to help you stay on track with your preparation, our specialist 11 plus tutors have significant Channing entrance experience.

The interview

In 2021, all candidates registered for the 11 plus process were invited for a one-to-one interview with a senior member of staff. This took place in January either before or after the entrance exam. The interview lasted around 15 minutes and girls were not asked to bring anything specific along with them. During the interview, girls were asked about their interests, both academic and beyond the classroom.

In 2020, the interview process was different, but Channing has yet to announce what form the interview will take for 2022 applicants. The interview took place in two parts: there was an individual interview with a single member of staff, then a second interview with the Headmistress and a group of other applicants. The whole process took around 45 minutes.

Channing is looking for enthusiastic, confident girls who will enjoy being at the school, the school will enjoy having, and who will make the most of what the school has to offer. It is important your daughter is able to engage and respond during a discussion. To do well at the interview they must be able to clearly articulate themself and answer the question given – rather than meander around a point. While preparation is the key to success in interview, Channing prefers not to have girls appear practised in the interview. If your daughter’s answers come across as rehearsed or planned, she will be less likely to get offered a place.

The thought of an interview can be quite daunting for some girls who find it harder to express their views. So, every year Mentor run individual and group sessions to build confidence. Focusing on interview prep and what to expect, we encourage children to develop answers and present their best self.

11+ scholarships at Channing

Many of our tutors have great success securing scholarships and are experienced with pushing the boundaries of learning for exceptional students. All applicants at Channing are automatically eligible for an academic scholarship. Those who perform exceptionally well on the entrance exam will be awarded an academic scholarship. Academic scholarships are worth up to 10% of annual school fees.

Channing also offers a Music scholarship at 11 plus. Applicants must submit the application form provided on the school website by late November. All applicants who meet the criteria published on the website will be invited to Channing for an in person audition in January. Scholarships are awarded to girls with exceptional ability and potential, who excel at the audition and pass the entrance exam. Music scholarships at Channing are worth up to 50% of the school fees and include free in school tuition for one instrument.

Meet our tutors for Channing Senior School

To guarantee your daughter the best chance of admission to Channing, offer her some additional support from one of our tutors. Many of our over 200 tutors are experts in the Channing 11 plus and with bespoke one-to-one tuition, they can help children to achieve success at exams and interviews.

With more than 40 years of experience in tutoring children to gain admission to some of London’s most competitive independent schools, we at Mentor have a wealth of knowledge on how best to prepare your daughter for entry to Channing.

Over 80% of our tutors are qualified teachers, so they have an in-depth knowledge of their subject, the syllabus and the most effective teaching methods. Many have been heads of department, head teachers or examiners and all come with a wealth of experience and a great track record of success. All have up-to-date DBS certificates and references. Wherever possible we will match your daughter with a tutor who has a track record at Channing.

For more information on our tutors’ unique approach to testing children in preparation for exams, contact our team.

More on Channing School

Channing is known for its high academic status, and for the kind, bright and independent girls it helps flourish. Despite the exceptional results achieved by girls, Channing has avoided garnering a reputation as a “hothouse”. Being a smaller school, it is able to ensure that every student is visible so that every aspect of her education is personalised, and no one is left at the wayside. However, the size means Channing does not offer as many subjects in the sixth form. It is not the most culturally or economically diverse school however, but in recent years it has been making an effort to change this. Lindsey Hughes began as the Headmistress in 2020, the huge popularity that followed her from her previous position as Deputy Head of Lady Eleanor Holles in Hampton has only grown since she joined Channing.

The main entry points at Channing are 4+, 11+ and 16+. There are over 650 girls aged 4-18. Channing encouraged all its girls to find passion and skill in activities outside the classroom as well as in. Channing offers a wide range of clubs including art club, coding and robotics club, stand up comedy club and chess club. The ‘Adelante’ Spanish language programme is unique to Channing, launched in 2016, it has quickly become a defining feature of the school. The aim of the programme is to ensure that all pupils leave the school with a high degree of competency and fluency in Spanish. Music is central to life at Channing, with 27 musical activities taking place weekly from Theory club to Jazz Band. On most Fridays Channing have the hugely popular “Music at Lunchtime” in which any pupil of any standard has the opportunity to play or sing a solo whether they have their music lessons in or out of school. Sporting achievement is celebrated at Channing, girls are welcome to join any of the clubs including netball, football, tennis and cheerleading, or go on one of the tours which have previously taken girls to Barbados for netball.

Address: Channing School, The Bank, Highgate, London, N6 5HF

Telephone: 020 8340 2328

Email: info@channing.co.uk

Website: www.channing.co.uk

Local Authority: Haringey

School’s Unique Reference Number (URN): 102162

Gender: Girls

Age Range: 4-18

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We have many experts on entrance to Channing here at Mentor and are ready to guide you through the new entrance format during Covid-19 measures. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help your daughter gain admission to Channing at 11 plus, or for further information on admissions into the top London schools.

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